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Minor changes to vanilla Factorio
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Minor changes to vanilla Factorio

  • prevent construction bots from going to the toolbar (default on)
  • prevent construction bots from being mined (default on)
  • prevent logistic bots from being mined (default off)
  • mining construction/logistic bots returns the materials instead (default off)
  • change default request amount for requester chests/slots (default off)
  • change how many items are requested when copying from assembler to requester chest (default off)
  • add radar mk2 with doubled radius and 4x scanning speed/power usage (default off, same graphics as the vanilla one)

You can change every setting in the config.lua file (no fancy gui, i want to keep this simple). If changes don't get applied you might have to copy/rename the file located in the migrations folder. Since this mod doesn't have a control.lua it should work without problems in multiplayer, if every player has the same config.lua Should also work for construction bots from mods.

Issues: If your inventory is full and you disallowed construction bots going to your toolbar, they won't go there. Even if there are free slots/construction bots.

###Changelog 1.0.0

  • version for Factorio 0.14.x


  • added option to make logistic bots unminable (defaults to off)
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