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inotify api cleaned up

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1 parent 2b79ec6 commit 8455938ada0bd2fd5ebb3a2534cb840ecbe30673 @Chouser committed May 31, 2009
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  1. +126 −18 src/net/n01se/clojure_jna/linux.clj
144 src/net/n01se/clojure_jna/linux.clj
@@ -25,8 +25,62 @@
(def #^{:private true} FIONREAD 0x541B)
-(defn- read-events [_ inoti]
- (let [[readfds] (select #{(:readfd inoti) (:ifd inoti)})]
+(def #^{:private true} flag-bits
+ {:access 0x00000001 ; File was accessed
+ :modify 0x00000002 ; File was modified
+ :attrib 0x00000004 ; Metadata changed
+ :close-write 0x00000008 ; Writtable file was closed
+ :close-nowrite 0x00000010 ; Unwrittable file closed
+ :close 0x00000018
+ :open 0x00000020 ; File was opened
+ :moved-from 0x00000040 ; File was moved from X
+ :moved-to 0x00000080 ; File was moved to Y
+ :moved 0x000000C0
+ :create 0x00000100 ; Subfile was created
+ :delete 0x00000200 ; Subfile was deleted
+ :delete-self 0x00000400 ; Self was deleted
+ :move-self 0x00000800 ; Self was moved
+ :unmount 0x00002000 ; Backing fs was unmounted
+ :q-overflow 0x00004000 ; Event queued overflowed
+ :ignored 0x00008000 ; File was ignored
+ :onlydir 0x01000000 ; only watch the path if it is a directory
+ :dont-follow 0x02000000 ; don't follow a sym link
+ :mask-add 0x20000000 ; add to the mask of an already existing watch
+ :isdir 0x40000000 ; event occurred against dir
+ :oneshot 0x80000000 ; only send event once
+ :all-events 0x00000FFF})
+(defn flags-mask-fn
+ "Returns a bit-mask number for the flags collection given. Valid
+ flags are keyword forms of the flags listed in the inotify(7) man
+ page. For example, use :access for IN_ACCESS. Note you probably
+ don't need to call this function directly: add-iwatch can take the
+ same collection of flags, or you can use the flags-mask macro."
+ [flags]
+ (reduce bit-or (map #(or (flag-bits %)
+ (throw (Exception. (str "Invalid flag " %))))
+ flags)))
+(defmacro flags-mask
+ "Returns a bit-mask number for the flags given. Valid flags are
+ symbol forms of the flags listed in the inotify(7) man page. For
+ example, use (flags-mask access) for IN_ACCESS. Throws an exception
+ at compile time if invalid flags are given."
+ [& flags]
+ (flags-mask-fn (map #(keyword (str %)) flags)))
+(defn- mask-flags
+ "Returns a set of flag keywords for the event bit-mask"
+ [mask]
+ (set (map key (filter #(zero? (bit-and-not (val %) mask)) flag-bits))))
+(defn- read-events
+ "Agent action that blocks on the inotify fd and a control pipe.
+ inotify events are read and dispatched in this thread. The control
+ pipe can cause the agent to close the fd's and stop looping, or just
+ to self-send once to load any new definition of read-events."
+ [_ inoti]
+ (let [[readfds] (select #{(:readfd inoti) (:ifd inoti)})] ; blocks
(if (readfds (:readfd inoti))
; IPC from some controlling thread
@@ -39,8 +93,8 @@
"Error closing pipe (read)")
(when-err (libc/close (:writefd inoti))
"Error closing pipe (write)")
- (reset! (:wdmap inoti) :closed)
- :closed)
+ (reset! (:wdmap inoti) :done)
+ :closing)
1 (do
(send-off *agent* read-events inoti)
@@ -60,22 +114,29 @@
cookie (.getInt event-buf)
name-len (.getInt event-buf)
name-bytes (make-array Byte/TYPE name-len)]
- (.get event-buf name-bytes)
+ (when (pos? name-len)
+ (.get event-buf name-bytes))
; There's a race here when a watch is added to the fd
; before it's in wdmap. However, if the event had come in
; a moment earlier it would have been lost too, so we'll
; just ignore events whose wd is not in wdmap.
(when-let [handler (get @(:wdmap inoti) wd)]
- (let [name-str (String. name-bytes)
- name-str (.substring name-str 0 (.indexOf name-str 0))]
- (handler {:wd wd, :mask mask,
- :cookie cookie, :name name-str}))))))
+ (let [event {:wd wd, :mask mask, :flags (mask-flags mask)
+ :cookie cookie}]
+ (if (pos? name-len)
+ (let [name-str (String. name-bytes)]
+ (assoc event :name (.substring
+ name-str 0 (.indexOf name-str 0))))
+ event))))))
(send-off *agent* read-events inoti)
-(defn iinit []
+(defn iinit
+ "Creates a new inotify instance and returns an object representing
+ it. Use add-iwatch to add files or directories to the watch list."
+ []
(let [buf (make-cbuf 16)
_ (when-err (libc/pipe (pointer buf)) "Error creating pipe")
inoti {:agent (agent :init)
@@ -87,19 +148,66 @@
(defn add-iwatch
- "The interface for this is going to change. Don't use it yet."
- [inoti pathname mask handler]
- (let [wd (when-err (libc/inotify_add_watch (:ifd inoti) pathname mask)
+ "Adds pathname to the watchlist of the given inotify object. Use
+ the flags-mask macro to build flags, or pass in a collection of
+ keywords (see flags-mask-fn for details). The handler function will
+ be called when the given event occurs, with a single arg: a hash-map
+ with keys like :flags (a set of keywords indicating the kind of
+ event that occured), :name (for the name of the file updated when
+ watching a directory), :cookie, etc. See inotify(7) man page for
+ more details on each of these fields. The function will be called
+ in the inotify reader thread, so it should complete promptly or
+ coordinate with another thread to complete its work. Returns
+ a watch descriptor that can safely be ignored unless you want to
+ explicitly pass it to rm-iwatch later."
+ [inoti pathname flags handler]
+ (let [wd (when-err (libc/inotify_add_watch
+ (:ifd inoti)
+ pathname
+ (if (number? flags) flags (flags-mask-fn flags)))
"Error adding inotify watch")]
- (swap! (:wdmap inoti) assoc wd handler)))
+ (swap! (:wdmap inoti) assoc wd handler)
+ wd))
+(defn rm-iwatch
+ "Removes an item from the given inotify object's watchlist, as
+ specified by the given watch descriptor."
+ [inoti wd]
+ (let [wd (when-err (libc/inotify_rm_watch (:ifd inoti) wd)
+ "Error adding inotify watch")]
+ (swap! (:wdmap inoti) dissoc wd)
+ inoti))
-(defn iclose [inoti]
- (libc/write (:writefd inoti) (pointer (make-cbuf 1)) 1))
+(defn iclose
+ "Closes down an inotify object. Blocks until the file descriptors
+ are all closed and the agent has stopped looping."
+ [inoti]
+ (libc/write (:writefd inoti) (pointer (make-cbuf 1)) 1)
+ (while (not= @(:agent inoti) :done)
+ (send-off (:agent inoti) #(if (= % :closing) :done %))
+ (await (:agent inoti)))
+ inoti)
(defn- reload-read-events [inoti]
(let [buf (make-cbuf 1)]
(.put buf (byte 1))
- (libc/write (:writefd inoti) (pointer buf) 1)))
+ (libc/write (:writefd inoti) (pointer buf) 1))
+ nil)
+; Example usage:
(def x (iinit))
-(add-iwatch x "/tmp" 0x100 prn)
+(add-iwatch x "/tmp" (flags-mask create delete)
+ #(if (:create (:flags %))
+ (println "Created file" (:name %) "in /tmp")
+ (println "Deleted file" (:name %) "in /tmp")))
+(def wd (add-iwatch x "/tmp" (flags-mask moved) prn))
+(rm-iwatch x wd)
+(iclose x)

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