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;(ns clojure.lang.fingertree)
(comment ; TODO:
- test performance
- add pre-packaged ctor for vector-like obj, perhaps also priority queue
- implement java.util.Collection
- implement equals
- implement IMeta
- implement IChunkedSeq?
- fix clojure core.clj to call consLeft/consRight
- replace copy/pasted code with macros
- test deque complexity
- confirm recursion is bounded, though perhaps O(log n) growth is slow enough
(use 'clojure.test)
:name clojure.lang.IDoubleSeq
:extends [clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection
:methods [[consLeft [Object] clojure.lang.IDoubleSeq]
[consRight [Object] clojure.lang.IDoubleSeq]])
:name clojure.lang.fingertree.Measured
:methods [[measure [] Object]
[measureFns [] clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection]])
:name clojure.lang.fingertree.ISplit
:extends [clojure.lang.fingertree.Measured]
:methods [[split [clojure.lang.IFn Object] clojure.lang.IPersistentVector]])
:name clojure.lang.fingertree.IDigit
:extends [clojure.lang.IDoubleSeq
:name clojure.lang.fingertree.ITree
:extends [clojure.lang.IDoubleSeq
:methods [[app3 [clojure.lang.ISeq clojure.lang.fingertree.ITree]
[app3deep [clojure.lang.ISeq clojure.lang.fingertree.IDeepTree]
[measureMore [] Object]
[measurePop [] Object]])
:name clojure.lang.fingertree.IDeepTree
:extends [clojure.lang.IPersistentCollection
:methods [[pre [] clojure.lang.fingertree.IDigit]
[mid [] clojure.lang.fingertree.ITree]
[suf [] clojure.lang.fingertree.IDigit]])
; :name clojure.lang.IMeasureFn
; :methods [[iden [] Object]
; [measure [Object] Object]
; [reduce [Object Object] Object]])
:name clojure.lang.IPrintable
:methods [[print [] Object]])
(import '(clojure.lang ISeq IDoubleSeq IPersistentCollection IPrintable)
'(clojure.lang.fingertree Measured ISplit IDigit ITree IDeepTree))
;(defmethod print-method IPrintable [x w] (.print #^IPrintable x w))
;(prefer-method print-method IPrintable ISeq)
(defmacro #^{:private true} delay-ft [tree-expr mval]
`(~'delayed-ft (delay ~tree-expr) ~mval))
;`(delayed-ft (delay (do (print "\nforce ") ~tree-expr)) ~mval))
(defmacro #^{:private true} make-digit [measure-fns & items]
(let [i (gensym "i_"), p (gensym "p_")]
`(let [mval# (delay (~'mes* ~measure-fns ~@items))]
(reify this# [IDigit IPrintable]
(.consLeft [x#] (~'digit ~measure-fns x# ~@items))
(.consRight [x#] (~'digit ~measure-fns ~@items x#))
(.measure [] @mval#)
(.measureFns [] ~measure-fns)
(.split [~p ~i] ~(letfn [(step [ips [ix & ixs]]
(if (empty? ixs)
[(when ips `(~'digit ~measure-fns ~@ips))
`(let [~i (~'red* ~measure-fns
(~'mes* ~measure-fns ~ix))]
(if (~p ~i)
[~(when ips
`(~'digit ~measure-fns ~@ips))
(~'digit ~measure-fns ~@ixs)]
~(step (concat ips [ix]) ixs)))))]
(step nil items)))
(.nth [~i] (cond ~@(mapcat (fn [sym n] [`(== ~i (int ~n)) sym])
(range (count items)))))
(.count [] ~(count items))
(.seq [] (list ~@items))
(.first [] ~(first items))
(.more [] ~(if (> (count items) 1)
`(~'digit ~measure-fns ~@(next items))
`(~'empty-ft ~measure-fns)))
(.next [] ~(when (> (count items) 1)
`(~'digit ~measure-fns ~@(next items))))
(.peek [] ~(last items))
(.pop [] ~(if (> (count items) 1)
`(~'digit ~measure-fns ~@(drop-last items))
`(~'empty-ft ~measure-fns)))
(.toString [] (str ~@(interpose " " items)))
(.print [w#] (.write w# (str "#<digit " this# ">")))))))
[(iden* [measure-fns]
(into measure-fns (for [[k [_ _ iden]] measure-fns] [k iden])))
(mes* [measure-fns & xs]
(into measure-fns
(if (instance? Measured (first xs))
(let [mes-maps (map #(if %
(.measure #^Measured %)
(iden* measure-fns))
(for [[k [mes red]] measure-fns]
[k (reduce red (map k mes-maps))]))
(for [[k [mes red]] measure-fns]
[k (reduce red (map mes xs))]))))
(red* [measure-fns v1 v2]
(zipmap (keys measure-fns)
(for [[k [mes red]] measure-fns]
(red (k v1) (k v2)))))
(consl [t a] (.consLeft #^IDoubleSeq t a))
(conjr [t a] (.consRight #^IDoubleSeq t a))
([measure-fns a] (make-digit measure-fns a))
([measure-fns a b] (make-digit measure-fns a b))
([measure-fns a b c] (make-digit measure-fns a b c))
([measure-fns a b c d] (make-digit measure-fns a b c d)))
(nodes [mfns xs]
(let [v #^clojure.lang.Indexed (vec xs)
c (clojure.lang.RT/count v)]
(loop [i (int 0), nds []]
(condp == (- c i)
(int 2) (-> nds (conj (digit mfns (v i) (v (+ (int 1) i)))))
(int 3) (-> nds (conj (digit mfns (v i) (v (+ (int 1) i))
(v (+ (int 2) i)))))
(int 4) (-> nds (conj (digit mfns (v i) (v (+ (int 1) i))))
(conj (digit mfns (v (+ (int 2) i))
(v (+ (int 3) i)))))
(recur (+ (int 3) i)
(-> nds
(conj (digit mfns (v i) (v (+ (int 1) i))
(v (+ (int 2) i)))))))))))
(empty-ft [measure-fns]
(reify this [ISeq ITree IPrintable]
(.consLeft [a] (single measure-fns a))
(.consRight [b] (single measure-fns b))
(.app3 [ts t2] (reduce consl t2 (reverse ts)))
(.app3deep [ts t1] (reduce conjr t1 ts))
(.measure [] (iden* measure-fns))
(.measureFns [] measure-fns)
(.measureMore [] (iden* measure-fns))
(.measurePop [] (iden* measure-fns))
(.count [] 0)
(.seq [] nil)
(.rseq [] nil)
(.first [] nil)
(.more [] this)
(.next [] nil)
(.peek [] nil)
(.pop [] this)
(.toString [] (str (keys measure-fns)))
(.print [w] (.write w (str "#<empty " this ">")))))
(single [measure-fns x]
(reify this [ITree IPrintable]
(.consLeft [a] (deep (digit measure-fns a)
(empty-ft measure-fns)
(digit measure-fns x)))
(.consRight [b] (deep (digit measure-fns x)
(empty-ft measure-fns)
(digit measure-fns b)))
(.app3 [ts t2] (consl (.app3 #^ITree (empty-ft measure-fns) ts t2) x))
(.app3deep [ts t1] (conjr (reduce conjr t1 ts) x))
(.measure [] (mes* measure-fns x))
(.measureFns [] measure-fns)
(.measureMore [] (iden* measure-fns))
(.measurePop [] (iden* measure-fns))
(.split [p i] (let [e (empty-ft measure-fns)] [e x e]))
(.seq [] this)
(.rseq [] (list x))
(.first [] x)
(.more [] (empty-ft measure-fns))
(.next [] nil)
(.peek [] x)
(.pop [] (empty-ft measure-fns))
(.toString [] (str x " " (.measure #^ITree this)))
(.print [w]
(binding [*out* w]
(print "#<single ")
(pr x)
(pr (.measure #^ITree this))
(print ">")))))
(delayed-ft [tree-ref mval]
(reify this [ITree IPrintable]
(.consLeft [a] (.consLeft #^ITree @tree-ref a))
(.consRight [b] (.consRight #^ITree @tree-ref b))
(.app3 [ts t2] (.app3 #^ITree @tree-ref ts t2))
(.app3deep [ts t1] (.app3deep #^ITree @tree-ref ts t1))
(.measure [] mval)
(.measureFns [] (.measureFns #^ITree @tree-ref))
(.measureMore [] (.measureMore #^ITree @tree-ref))
(.measurePop [] (.measurePop #^ITree @tree-ref))
(.split [p i] (.split #^ITree @tree-ref p i))
(.seq [] this)
(.rseq [] this)
(.first [] (.first #^ITree @tree-ref))
(.more [] (.more #^ITree @tree-ref))
(.next [] (.next #^ITree @tree-ref))
(.peek [] (.peek #^ITree @tree-ref))
(.pop [] (.pop #^ITree @tree-ref))
(.toString [] (.toString #^ITree @tree-ref))
(.print [w]
(binding [*out* w]
(print "#<delay ")
(pr @tree-ref)
(print ">")))))
(to-tree [measure-fns coll]
(reduce conjr (empty-ft measure-fns) coll))
(deep-left [pre, #^ITree m, #^IDigit suf]
(seq pre) (deep pre m suf)
(empty? (.first m)) (to-tree (.measureFns suf) suf)
:else (deep (first m)
(delay-ft (.more m) (.measureMore m))
(deep-right [#^IDigit pre, #^ITree m, suf]
(seq suf) (deep pre m suf)
(empty? (.peek m)) (to-tree (.measureFns pre) pre)
:else (deep pre
(delay-ft (.pop m) (.measurePop m))
(peek m))))
(deep [#^IDigit pre, #^ITree m, #^IDigit suf]
;(assert (= (.measureFns pre) (.measureFns suf)))
(let [measure-fns (.measureFns pre)
mval (delay (if (.seq m)
(mes* measure-fns pre m suf)
(mes* measure-fns pre suf)))]
(reify this [IDeepTree IPrintable]
(.pre [] pre)
(.mid [] m)
(.suf [] suf)
(.consLeft [a] (if (< (count pre) 4)
(deep (.consLeft pre a) m suf)
(let [[b c d e] pre
n (digit measure-fns c d e)]
(deep (digit measure-fns a b) (.consLeft m n) suf))))
(.consRight [a] (if (< (count suf) 4)
(deep pre m (conjr suf a))
(let [[e d c b] suf
n (digit measure-fns e d c)]
(deep pre (conjr m n) (digit measure-fns b a)))))
(.measureMore [] (mes* measure-fns (next pre) m suf))
(.measurePop [] (mes* measure-fns pre m (pop suf)))
(.app3 [ts t2] (.app3deep t2 ts this))
(.app3deep [ts t1] (let [t2 #^IDeepTree this]
(deep (.pre t1)
(.app3 (.mid t1)
(nodes measure-fns
(concat (.suf t1) ts (.pre t2)))
(.mid t2))
(.suf t2))))
(.measure [] @mval)
(.measureFns [] measure-fns)
(.split [p i]
(let [vpr (red* measure-fns i (.measure pre))]
(if (p vpr)
(let [[sl sx sr] (.split pre p i)]
[(to-tree measure-fns sl) sx (deep-left sr m suf)])
(let [vm (red* measure-fns vpr (.measure m))]
(if (p vm)
(let [[ml xs mr] (.split m p vpr)
[sl sx sr]
#^IDigit (apply digit measure-fns xs)
(red* measure-fns vpr (mes* measure-fns ml)))]
[(deep-right pre ml sl) sx (deep-left sr mr suf)])
(let [[sl sx sr] (.split suf p vm)]
[(deep-right pre m sl) sx (to-tree measure-fns sr)]))))))
(.seq [] this)
(.rseq [] (lazy-seq (cons (.peek #^IDeepTree this)
(rseq (.pop #^IDeepTree this)))))
(.first [] (.first pre))
(.more [] (deep-left (.more pre) m suf))
(.next [] (.seq (.more #^IDeepTree this)))
(.peek [] (.peek suf))
(.pop [] (deep-right pre m (.pop suf)))
(.toString [] "deep-finger-tree")
(.print [w]
(binding [*out* w]
(print "#<deep ")
(pr pre m suf)
(print " ")
(pr (.measure #^IDeepTree this))
(print ">"))))))]
(defn #^ITree finger-tree [measure-fns & xs]
(to-tree measure-fns xs))
(defn split-tree [#^ISplit t, p]
(.split t p (iden* (.measureFns t))))
(defn #^ITree ft-concat [#^ITree t1, #^ITree t2]
(assert (= (.measureFns t1) (.measureFns t2))) ;measure-fns must be the same
(.app3 t1 nil t2))
(def consl consl)
(def conjr conjr)
(def to-tree to-tree)
(def empty-ft empty-ft))
;;=== tests ===
(deftest Conj-Seq-Queue
(let [len 100]
(are [x] (= (map identity x) (range len))
(rseq (reduce consl (finger-tree nil) (range len)))
(seq (reduce conjr (finger-tree nil) (range len))))))
(deftest Conj-Seq-Stack
(let [len 100]
(are [x] (= (map identity x) (range (dec len) -1 -1))
(rseq (reduce conjr (finger-tree nil) (range len)))
(seq (reduce consl (finger-tree nil) (range len))))))
(deftest Conj-Seq-Mixed
(doseq [m (range 2 7)]
(loop [ft (finger-tree nil), vc [], i (int 0)]
(when (< i 40)
(is (= (seq (map identity ft)) (seq vc)))
(if (zero? (rem i m))
(recur (consl ft i) (vec (cons i vc)) (inc i))
(recur (conjr ft i) (conj vc i) (inc i)))))))
(deftest Concat
(doseq [a-len (range 25), b-len (range 25)]
(let [a-s (map #(symbol (str % 'a)) (range a-len))
b-s (map #(symbol (str % 'b)) (range b-len))
a (apply finger-tree nil a-s)
b (apply finger-tree nil b-s)]
(is (= (seq (concat a-s b-s)) (seq (map identity (ft-concat a b))))))))
(deftest Annotate-One-Direction
(let [measure-fns {:size [(constantly 1) + 0] :str [str str ""]}]
(let [len 100]
(are [x] (= x {:size len :str (apply str (range len))})
(.measure (reduce conjr (finger-tree measure-fns) (range len))))
(are [x] (= x {:size len :str (apply str (reverse (range len)))})
(.measure (reduce consl (finger-tree measure-fns) (range len)))))))
(deftest Annotate-Mixed-Conj
(let [measure-fns {:size [(constantly 1) + 0] :str [str str ""]}]
(doseq [m (range 2 7)]
(loop [ft (finger-tree measure-fns), vc [], i (int 0)]
(when (< i 40)
(is (= (.measure ft) {:size (count vc) :str (apply str vc)}))
(if (zero? (rem i m))
(recur (consl ft i) (vec (cons i vc)) (inc i))
(recur (conjr ft i) (conj vc i) (inc i))))))))
(deftest Annotate-Concat
(let [measure-fns {:size [(constantly 1) + 0] :str [str str ""]}]
(doseq [a-len (range 25), b-len (range 25)]
(let [a-s (map #(symbol (str % 'a)) (range a-len))
b-s (map #(symbol (str % 'b)) (range b-len))
a (apply finger-tree measure-fns a-s)
b (apply finger-tree measure-fns b-s)]
(is (= {:size (+ (count a-s) (count b-s))
:str (apply str (concat a-s b-s))}
(.measure (ft-concat a b))))))))
(deftest Split
(let [mfns {:size [(constantly 1) + 0] :str [str str ""]}
make-item (fn [i] (symbol (str i 'a)))]
(doseq [len (range 100)
:let [tree (to-tree mfns (map make-item (range len)))]
split-i (range len)]
(is (= (make-item split-i)
(nth (split-tree tree #(< split-i (:size %))) 1))))))