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Finger Trees: Custom Persistent Collections
Clojure's existing persistent collection types cover many usage
scenarios, but do leave a few gaps. Finger trees can fill gaps such
as sorted sets with efficient support for 'nth', sequential
collections that can grow at the front, the back, or even insert
values anywhere in the middle, and more. In fact, finger trees can be
customized to support a variety of application-specific needs while
remaining persistent and playing nicely with Clojure's sequence and
collection abstractions. We'll look at examples of using and
customizing finger trees, and talk a bit about how their internals.
Get Your Hooks In: The Clojure Compiler and How to Exploit It
"REPL" is an over-simplification. The actual steps Clojure goes
through include read-time evaluation, name resolution, inline
function expansion, macro expansion, analysis, bytecode generation and
loading, and finally evaluation and printing. Many of these steps
provide ways to hook in your code to improve performance, REPL
interaction, etc. We'll look at what exactly Clojure does when you
press Enter at the REPL, and how you can exploit it for fun and
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