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Chowdhury DSP

Chowdhury DSP makes audio software, and audio signal processing tools. Some of our projects include:

  • ChowTapeModel: an analog tape emulation plugin.
  • BYOD: a "build-your-own" distortion effect.
  • ChowMultiTool: a plugin with a collection of useful effects.
  • ChowMatrix: a fun and flexible delay effect.
  • ChowCentaur: an emulation of the Klon Centaur guitar pedal.
  • ChowKick: a kick drum synthesizer.
  • Surge Synthesizer: an open-source synthesizer that we contribute to.
  • chowdsp_utils: JUCE modules with useful classes for DSP and for developing audio plugins.
  • chowdsp_wdf: a header-only C++ library for implementing Wave Digital Filter circuit models.

For more information, see our website.


  1. BYOD Public

    Build-your-own guitar distortion!

    C++ 291 16

  2. Multi-Tool Audio Plugin

    C++ 49 4

  3. JUCE module with utilities for ChowDSP

    C++ 142 17

  4. ChowMatrix Public

    Matrix delay effect

    C++ 259 24

  5. ChowKick Public

    Kick synthesizer based on old-school drum machine circuits

    C++ 135 10

  6. chowdsp_wdf Public

    Chowdhury DSP Wave Digital Filters Library

    C++ 48 11



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