A small stubbing and mocking library for Common Lisp
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This package provides some useful stubbing and mocking macros for unit testing. Used when specified functions in a test should not be computed but should instead return a provided constant value.

This library was called cl-mock before but is/was NOT the library called "cl-mock" on quicklisp. I have now changed the name.


(in-package :cl-user)
(uiop:define-package :my-project
    (:use :closer-common-lisp
(in-package :my-project)

(defun foo (x) x)
(defun bar (x y) (+ x (foo x)))

(with-stubs ((foo 10))
  (is (foo 1 2) 10)) ;; --> T
  (is (bar 1 2) 2))  ;; --> T Only lexically stubbed!

(with-dynamic-stubs ((foo 10))
  (is (foo 1 2) 10)) ;; --> T
  (is (bar 1 2) 11))  ;; --> T Dynamically stubbed!

(with-mocks (foo bar)
  (is (foo 5) nil)    ;; --> T
  (is (bar 10) nil))  ;; --> T Args dont need to match!

(with-dynamic-mocks (foo bar)

The arguments passed to mocked or stubbed functions are also saved.

(with-stubs ((foo 5))
  (foo 4 5)
  (call-times-for 'foo)                  ;; --> 1
  (verify-call-times-for 'foo 1)         ;; --> T
  (nth-mock-args-for 1 'foo)             ;; --> '(4 5)
  (verify-nth-call-args-for 1 'foo 4 5)  ;; --> T
  (verify-first-call-args-for 'foo 4 5)  ;; --> T
  (clear-calls))                         ;; --> no-value

These also work for the dynamic and mocking variants.

It is also possible to mock/stub individual methods.

(with-method-stubs ((foo (x y) 'is-stubbed)
                    (foo ((x aclass) (y aclass)) 'aclass-stubbed)

The calls to methods are currently NOT saved so the above verification functions can not be used.


Clone this repository and put into asdf load path then

(ql:quickload :mockingbird)

To run tests:

(ql:test-system :mockingbird)



Copyright (c) 2016 Christopher Eames (Chream) (chream@gmx.com)