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A bot for the CSS Discord Server, written in C# using Discord.Net.
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A bot made for the CSS Discord server.

Installation and Usage

This project is cross-platform, however Visual Studio 2017 is recommended, so you may want to stick to Windows for this. JetBrains rider (available for free for students) is a good option for Linux development.

  • Install the .NET Core SDK.
  • Add the Discord.Net Package source to the NuGet package manager.
  • Clone this repository. You can do this in a command line shell, or using the built-in GUI that's part of VS.
  • Update your NuGet packages. The project should build now.
  • Optional, only for testing. Create a bot. This will be your testing bot.
    • Navigate to the Discord API Docs and log in:
    • Click on the "New App" button.
    • Name your app. Click "Create App".
    • Click "Create a Bot User". This is the type of bot that CSSBot is.
    • Create a file debugBotConfig.xml under any directory you want.
    • Copy the contents of Test Config.xml into your new file. Insert your bot's user token into the <ConnectionToken> field.
    • Set the startup parameters of your project to point to your configuration file. The command line arguments should read: -config=/Path/To/Config.xml.
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