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A bot that generates Xbox-style achievement popups for a Discord server.
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Discord Achievement Bot

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A bot that generates Xbox-style achievement popups for a Discord server.

Gif showing example operation

How to Use

Server Owners: You can add this bot to your server using this link.


  • Clone this repo.
  • Rebuild/download NuGet dependencies.
  • Modify ExampleConfig.xml with the correct paths and bot user tokens.
  • Run with dotnet run -config:C:\Path\To\config.xml
  • Add to your server(s). The command window will print out an invite url once the bot has connected.

Deployment Notes on Linux

This bot requires that the font segoeui.ttf is installed on your system. This is not included in any packages or distros, so you'll need to copy it from a Windows installation.

The font can be found under C:\Windows\Fonts\segoeui.ttf.

Copy it to the directory: ~/.fonts/segoeui.ttf. Run the bot and try generating an image to verify that it works.

If it's still not working, and the error message Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file appears in the console output, then try the following (from StackOverflow):

export FONTCONFIG_PATH=/etc/fonts

Then, run the bot again. If the error is resolved, then you can append the command to the end of the ~/.bashrc file.

Systemctl service

I've included a sample systemctl service that can be used to host the bot. This file should be adjusted to match the specific configuration of the server the bot is being run on.

Install the systemctl service:

chmod 664 achievementbot.service
sudo cp achievementbot.service /etc/systemd/service/

Enable and run the service:

sudo systemctl enable achievementbot.service
sudo systemctl start achievementbot.service

Check that it's working:

journalctl -u achievementbot.service


All commands must begin with the command prefix ++, or must involve @Mentioning the bot.

Generate Command


++Generate "Your Achievement Text" [Numeric Gamerscore] [XboxOne|XboxOneRare|Xbox360]

Achievement text that contains whitespace must be surrounded with quotes. Currently, no emotes are supported, including both unicode and guild emotes.

The numeric gamerscore must be an integer number.

The last parameter specifies the style. Either XboxOne XboxOneRare or Xbox360, which will generate different styles of images. The Xbox360 preset is not done yet.

Using this command will mention the user that requested it to indicate that it is processing, and then mention the user again once it is created.

Meta commands


Replies with help information.


Replies with some meta information about the bot.


Replies with the invite link for the bot.


Permissions for Bot

The bot requires the following permissions:

  • Read Messages (So the bot can receive commands.)
  • Send Messages (So the bot can reply to commands.)
  • Attach Files (So the bot can include images.)

Permissions for User

Users do not require any permissions.

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