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[RELEASED] Customizable iOS App for logging gym days. 🏋️‍♀️
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Lifting Buddy



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Summary Graph Edit

Lifting Buddy is an iOS application designed to help you keep track of your workout progress.

In this readme and app, "PGM" stands for Progression Method.

App Store Link


To run this application using XCode, you will need to have CocoaPods installed.

  1. Recursively clone the repository
  2. In the project directory, run the command "pod install".
  3. Open the .xcworkspace file

Road Map:

The below roadmap is not in "order of implementation"; I generally work on what I want to.

Process                   Step Notes
Exercise Creation 9/10 Add nice way to choose progression method unit
Optional exercise in workout  0/10  Will require realm migration; Avoiding for now
PGM Max -> Best Conversion  0/10  Will require realm migration; Avoiding for now
One Rep Max Tracker 0/10 Should be implemented on the summary view
  • Optional exercise in workout - The user should be able to set exercises as "optional" within a workout. However, I'm still not comfortable with performing realm migrations (the app tends to crash when I attempt to do so)
  • PGM Max -> Best Conversion - Sometimes, the user wants the lowest possible value instead of the highest possible value (think assisted pullups, etc). To do so, I want progressionmethods to have a "max/min is best" option. This also requires pgms to undergo a realm migration.
  • One Rep Max Tracker - Feature request

Known Bugs

  • HIGH
    • No high priority bugs at this time
    • No medium priority bugs at this time
  • LOW [Can workaround]
    • No low priority bugs at this time

Future plans

  • Convert relevant UIViews into ViewControllers (good practice)
      Update from 11/29 -- my shower thoughts said this wasn't a good idea. Reason being that containerviewcontrollers would require the frames to be set anyway, which is what I wanted to avoid
  • Add "Feature Poll", a poll that users can use to vote on for the next feature
  • Log in to sync and backup workouts


Special Thanks

Alex Bridgeman - For giving me the idea for this application. Alex also created the splash screen and launch screen!  

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