Scratch Files for Netbeans - Create files without having a project.
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Scratch Files for Netbeans (Required JDK 8 > 1.8.0_122 - #1)

With this plugin you can create scratch files which will be saved on disk. You don't need a project for this. After typing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N you can choose a language and the file will be saved to your user dir: /userDir/.netbeans/scratches

The idea came up while using Sublime Text 2, where you can type Ctrl + N to creates an empty file. This is really simple, it will open a new tab with a Untitled file. Nothins special.

IntelliJ has a similar but more powerful functionalty too: IntelliJ IDEA 14 eap 138.2210 brings scratch files....

So my plugin is more like the IntelliJ functionaliy, because you will choose the target language after hitting Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N and it will open and automatically save the file to your user /userDir/.netbeans/scratches. You can see all the saved scratches as nodes at Services -> Scratches


File -> New Scratch File or Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N

Alt text

Choose target language

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Service node integration

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