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Near Future Props 0.5.1

This is an IVA props set for Kerbal Space Program, useful for building detailed internal spaces. It has all sorts of fun parts, some inspired by real space gadgets, some by general science, and some that are just fun.

Prop List

The following props are in this package


  • NF_HTCH_EVA_Basic: A basic rectangular EVA hatch
  • NF_HTCH_IVA_Basic: A round IVA hatch, mounted, single-sided
  • NF_HTCH_IVA_2Sided: A round IVA hatch, with only the hatch
  • NF_HTCH_IVA_2SidedRing: A round IVA hatch, with only the mounting ring
  • NF_HTCH_IVA_Cabin: A rounded rectangular IVA hatch, just the ring
  • NF_HTCH_IVA_Cabin_Door: A rounded rectangular IVA hatch, the door


  • NF_SEAT_Pilot: A seat with foot pedals and joystick
  • NF_SEAT_Crew: A basic seat
  • NF_SEAT_Folding: A barebones folding seat
  • NF_SEAT_Folding_Closed: A closed folding seat
  • NF_SEAT_Chair_Basic: A free-standing crew seat

General Habitation

  • NF_HAB_SleepingBag: A wall-mounted ISS sleeping bad
  • NF_HAB_SleepingBag_Only: A sleeping bag without the mount
  • NF_HAB_Fan_Vent: A wall vent
  • NF_HAB_Fan_Case: A wall vent with spinning fan
  • NF_HAB_Radio: A walkie-talkie radio
  • NF_HAB_Table_Folding: A fold-down table
  • NF_HAB_Table_Round: A round bistro table
  • NF_HAB_Table_Conference: A rounded rectangular conference table
  • NF_HAB_Locker: A storage locker
  • NF_HAB_Locker_Door: A storage locker with no door
  • NF_HAB_Locker_Open: A storage locker door
  • NF_HAB_Hammock: A sleeping bag on wall-mount hammock poles
  • NF_HAB_Pillow: A pillow
  • NF_HAB_SanitaryDoor: A door with a washroom symbol on it
  • NF_HAB_Blackboard_Mission: A blackboard with a mission diagram on it
  • NF_HAB_Blackboard_Math: A blackboard with some math on it
  • NF_HAB_Whiteboard: A whiteboard
  • NF_HAB_Corkboard: A corkboard
  • NF_HAB_Socket_AC: A wall AC socket
  • NF_HAB_Socket_Network: A wall network socket
  • NF_HAB_Socket_USB: A wall USB socket


  • NF_GYM_Treadmill: An exercise treadmill
  • NF_GYM_Bike: An exercise bike
  • NF_GYM_SmallWeight: a small dumbbell
  • NF_GYM_MediumWeight: a larger dumbbell
  • NF_GYM_FloorMat: A blue gym floor mat
  • NF_GYM_YogaMat: A rolled yoga mat


  • NF_CRGO_Net_Short: A cargo net
  • NF_CRGO_Bag_Basic: An ISS cargo bag
  • NF_CRGO_Bag_Stock1: Stock cargo bag A, re-exported
  • NF_CRGO_Bag_Stock2: Stock cargo bag B, re-exported
  • NF_CRGO_Bag_Stock3: Stock cargo bag C, re-exported

Payload Rack

  • NF_RACK_Empty: A payload rack
  • NF_RACK_Empty_Short: A half-sized payload rack
  • NF_RACK_Basic: A basic rack mount with nothing
  • NF_RACK_Freezer: A rack mounted ISS freezer
  • NF_RACK_LightsBlinking: A rack with blinking lights
  • NF_RACK_Microwave: A rack-mounted microwave
  • NF_RACK_FoodPrep: A rack-mounted prep station with warmer and hot/cold water pipes
  • NF_RACK_Espresso: A rack-mounted ISSpresso machine
  • NF_RACK_LargeBox_1: A large rack-mounted box with nothing
  • NF_RACK_LargeBox_2: A large rack-mounted box with a door
  • NF_RACK_Box_1: A rack-mounted box with a door
  • NF_RACK_Box_2: A rack-mounted box with 4 drawers
  • NF_RACK_Box_3: A rack-mounted box with 3 drawers
  • NF_RACK_Tape: A rack-mounted magnetic tape storage
  • NF_RACK_Server: A rack-mounted server
  • NF_RACK_Network: A rack-mounted network patch bay
  • NF_RACK_Screen: A rack-mounted computer screen
  • NF_RACK_SpecimenBox: A rack-mounted specimen box
  • NF_RACK_Tray: A rack-mounted extending tray
  • NF_RACK_Glovebox: A rack-mounted glovebox
  • NF_RACK_Power: A rack-mounted glovebox
  • NF_RACK_Drawer: A rack-mounted drawer
  • NF_RACK_Counter: A countertop for a rack
  • NF_RACK_ScienceGadget_1: A rack-mounted oscilloscope
  • NF_RACK_ScienceGadget_2: A rack-mounted power node thingy
  • NF_RACK_ScienceGadget_3: A rack-mounted datalogger

Lit Labels

  • NF_LABL_BerthA: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthB: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthC: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthD: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthE: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthF: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthG: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthH: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthI: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthJ: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthK: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_BerthL: A sign for a berth
  • NF_LABL_Cabins: A sign for cabins
  • NF_LABL_Space: A sign for an EVA hatch
  • NF_LABL_Wardroom: A sign for the wardroom
  • NF_LABL_Gym: A sign for a gym
  • NF_LABL_Storage: A sign for storage
  • NF_LABL_Kitchen: A sign for kitchen
  • NF_LABL_CommonArea: A sign for common areas
  • NF_LABL_Exit: An exit sign


  • NF_LGHT_Box_Small: A box light, small size
  • NF_LGHT_Box_Med: A box light, medium size
  • NF_LGHT_Lamp: a lamp-stlye light
  • NF_LGHT_Tube: an ISS_style tube light


  • NF_FOOD_CoffeeMug_Blank: A coffee mug
  • NF_FOOD_CoffeeMug_Flag: A coffee mug that shows the part flag
  • NF_FOOD_CoffeeMug_PTMC: A coffee mug that has the logo of a defunct mining corporation
  • NF_FOOD_CoffeePot_Espresso: A stovetop espresso machine
  • NF_FOOD_CoffeePot_FrenchPress: A french press
  • NF_FOOD_CoffeeBag: A bag of Kicking Horse coffee
  • NF_FOOD_CoffeeBag2: A bag of Kicking Horse coffee


  • NF_PLNT_PotatoPlant: A potato plant
  • NF_PLNT_KalePlant: A kale plant
  • NF_PLNT_TomatoPlant: A tomato plant
  • NF_PLNT_BCBud: A special plant
  • NF_PLNT_Tomato: A single tomato
  • NF_PLNT_Potato: A single potato
  • NF_PLNT_Flowerpot: A small flower pot
  • NF_PLNT_HydroponicsSmall: A hydroponic planter of small size
  • NF_PLNT_Hydroponics: A hydroponic planter of larger size


  • NF_TANK_Simple_O2: A simple tank with O2 symbol
  • NF_TANK_Simple_N2: A simple tank with N2 symbol
  • NF_TANK_Simple_H2O: A simple tank with H2O symbol
  • NF_TANK_Simple_GenericExplosive: A simple tank with an explosive symbol
  • NF_TANK_Simple_GenericFlammable: A simple tank with a flammable symbol
  • NF_TANK_Simple_GenericPoison: A simple tank with a poison symbol
  • NF_TANK_Wall_O2: A wall-mount tank with O2 symbol
  • NF_TANK_Wall_N2: A wall-mount tank with N2 symbol
  • NF_TANK_Wall_H2O: A wall-mount tank with H2O symbol
  • NF_TANK_Wall_GenericExplosive: A wall-mount tank with an explosive symbol
  • NF_TANK_Wall_GenericFlammable: A wall-mount tank with a flammable symbol
  • NF_TANK_Wall_GenericPoison: A wall-mount tank with a poison symbol

Rails and ladders

  • NF_RAIL_Large_Black: A black handhold rail
  • NF_RAIL_Large_Silver: A grey handhold rail
  • NF_RAIL_Small_Black: A short black handhold rail
  • NF_RAIL_Small_Silver: A short grey handhold rail
  • NF_RAIL_Ladder_Base: A pair of rails for a ladder
  • NF_RAIL_Ladder_Rung: A ladder rung for the ladder base
  • NF_RAIL_Ladder_Top: A ladder top piece for the ladder base

Static Screens

  • NF_SCRN_Wide_Orbit: An MFD screen with Orbit parameters
  • NF_SCRN_Wide_Nav: A navigation-themed MFD screen
  • NF_SCRN_Tall_Error: A BSOD
  • NF_SCRN_Tall_Blank: A blank screen
  • NF_SCRN_Tall_Engineering: An engineering-focused screen
  • NF_SCRN_Tall_Orbit: an orbit-focused screen
  • NF_SCRN_Wide_CommandPrompt1: A screen showing the linus top command
  • NF_SCRN_Wide_CommandPrompt2: A screen showing an easter egg
  • NF_SCRN_Wide_IDE: An intelliJ IDE
  • NF_SCRN_Wide_Plots: A bunch of matlab plots
  • NF_SCRN_Wide_Botany1: A screen showing ongoing Botany (TM)
  • NF_SCRN_Wide_Botany2: A screen showing more Botany (TM)
  • NF_SCRN_Wide_Aquaculture1: A screen showing Fishing (TM)
  • NF_SCRN_Wide_Aquaculture2: A screen showing some more Fishing (TM)


  • NF_COMP_Laptop: A space-certified laptop
  • NF_COMP_Laptop_Closed: A closed laptop
  • NF_COMP_Monitor: A general simple monitor
  • NF_COMP_Monitor_Bare: A monitor with no screen
  • NF_COMP_Arm_Base: A wall-mount for the monitor
  • NF_COMP_Arm: An arm for the monitor
  • NF_COMP_Arm_End: An arm for the monitor with terminus
  • NF_COMP_Keyboard: A detached keyboard
  • NF_COMP_Mouse: A detached mouse
  • NF_COMP_LargeTV: A large TV monitor

Console pieces

  • NF_CNSL_GreyPanel1: A grey console piece
  • NF_CNSL_GreyPanel2: A grey console piece
  • NF_CNSL_GreyPanel3: A grey console piece
  • NF_CNSL_MFD_Large: A grey large MFD frame
  • NF_CNSL_MFD_Bezels: A grey large MFD frame with large bezels
  • NF_CNSL_MFD_Small: A PDA-sized MFD frame
  • NF_CNSL_MFD_Tiny: A tiny MFD frame

Paper products

  • NF_PAPR_Clipboard_Blank: an empty clipboard
  • NF_PAPR_Clipboard_Checklist: a clipboard with a checklist
  • NF_PAPR_Clipboard_Log: A clipboard with a mission log
  • NF_PAPR_Warning_Fire: A label warning of fire hazard
  • NF_PAPR_Warning_Electrical: A label warning of electrical hazard
  • NF_PAPR_Warning_Nuclear: A label warning of nuclear hazard
  • NF_PAPR_PostIt_Directions:
  • NF_PAPR_PostIt_DontEat:
  • NF_PAPR_PostIt_EmergencyOnly:
  • NF_PAPR_PostIt_FixCrack:
  • NF_PAPR_PostIt_MissingSnacks:
  • NF_PAPR_PostIt_RedButton:
  • NF_PAPR_8x11_Checklist:
  • NF_PAPR_Photo_1: A keepsake photo
  • NF_PAPR_Photo_2: A keepsake photo
  • NF_PAPR_Photo_3: A keepsake photo
  • NF_PAPR_Photo_4: A keepsake photo
  • NF_PAPR_Stack_Procedure: A stack of paper labeled Procedures
  • NF_PAPR_Stack_Report: A stack of paper labeled Report
  • NF_PAPR_Logbook_Black: A Moleskine style black notebook
  • NF_PAPR_Logbook_Yellow: A waterproof Rite-In-The-Rain notebook
  • NF_PAPR_Logbook_Red: A generic red notebook
  • NF_PAPR_Logbook_Blue: A blue Mead school notebook
  • NF_PAPR_Logbook_Green: A green notebook labeled JEB


  • NF_SWCH_Rocker_Blue: A blue rocker switch
  • NF_SWCH_Rocker_Green: A green rocker switch
  • NF_SWCH_Rocker_Red: A red rocker switch
  • NF_PAPR_Poster_Eeloo: A poster showing a travel destination
  • NF_PAPR_Poster_GrandTour: A poster showing a travel destination
  • NF_PAPR_Poster_Jool: A poster showing a travel destination
  • NF_PAPR_Poster_Laythe: A poster showing a travel destination
  • NF_PAPR_Poster_Duna: A poster showing a travel destination
  • NF_PAPR_Poster_Slate: A poster showing a travel destination

Specific RPM props

  • NF_RPM_CNSL_MFD_Large:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_MFD_Bezels:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_MFD_Small:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_MFD_FuelStock:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_MFD_FuelElec:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_MFD_FuelCryo:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_MFD_Power:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_DigitalScreen_Accel:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_DigitalScreen_Time:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_DigitalScreen_Altitude:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_DigitalScreen_TimeOrbit:
  • NF_RPM_CNSL_DigitalScreen_Velocity:


The contents of this repository are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License ( You are free to share and adapt the materials only for non-commercial purposes and when providing appropriate attribution. Any derivatives must be distributed under the same license.

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