Samples and resources for Scirra's "Construct 2"
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Samples and resources for Scirra's Construct 2, available at

Intro with screenshots from each template -

Game Templates for Windows 8

These templates, enhanced to support Windows Store & Windows 8 features, are based on the default templates included with Construct 2 and are posted here with permission from Scirra. The original templates can be found in Construct 2 via the New Project dialog or in the Construct/templates/ directory.

To support publishing to the Windows Store, each template minimally features the following:

  • Windows 8 object. Test mode and about/settings/privacy are set to off.
  • Pause layer
  • Windows 8 snapped view support that shows the Pause layer and pauses the game
  • Touch object and touch input support (Note: some already had this)
  • Adjusted project properties

For a guide to publishing Construct-based games to the Windows Store, see "How to make a Windows 8 app".


Provided as samples to demonstrate Windows 8 support, here are templates:

  1. Auto-Runner Win8.capx - Side-scroller with player constantly running, having to jump between platforms.
  2. Driving Game Win8.capx - Top-down driving around a track with bordering objects.
  3. Infinite Jumping Win8.capx - Vertical game where player automatically jumps and must reach new platforms.
  4. Physics Catapult Win8.capx - Fire catapult at structures with physics behaviors for impact/gravity.
  5. Physics Puzzle Win8.capx - Click/touch objects to remove to clear puzzle.
  6. Platformer Win8.capx - Jump between a variety of platforms (static, moving, one-way).
  7. Top-Down Shooter Win8.capx - Top-down view, move player and fire at targets.
  8. Turret Defense Win8.capx - Add turrets to maze to fire on targets as they pathfind to their goal.
  9. Vertical Shooter.capx - Vertically-scrolling game player and targets both moving and firing.