Encode latitude and longitude coordinates for use with Google services (e.g., Google Elevations API)
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Google Coordinate Encoder

This a C++ implementation of Google's Polyline Algorithm Format. It takes takes floating point latitude and longitude positions and encodes them for a query to one of Google's APIs. I made use of the encoding in my Heightmaps with Google Elevations project.


Include the header/source files or compile it to a library. Then create an array of coordinates and pass it into the encode function with an encoding result array with a max length of 2048 (URL character limit). Before passing in coordinates to be encoded, you should either clamp or wrap the numbers within the bounds of latitude and longitude; anything out of bounds will result in an INVALID_REQUEST when querying Google.

coordinates[500] : Coordinate
coordinates_encoded[2048] : char
coordinates_encoded_count : int

coordinates_encoded_count = encode(coordinates, 500, coordinates_encoded, 2048);

See test.cpp for complete example. Once you have the encoded coordinates appended to the Google API query URL, a request can be made, and the data can be processed.