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mbpkbdbacklightctl is program for controlling keyboard backlight on MacBook Pro
When initiated, it  sets the  amount of  backlight to a  default  value  of  75
but the program can also be called with an argument:

    $ mbpkbdbacklightctl 100

which would set the backlight  amount  to  an  value  of 100  and  the  default
will   be   set    to    100    for    this    instance    of    the    program
The  optional  argument  must  be  an  integer  in  the  range  of  0  to   255

The program will also turn off the  keyboard  backlight  if  no  keyboard   and
mouse events has occured for at least 20 seconds, and  will  turn  it  back  on
when such event is detected

The program requires libxss to detect idle time of keyboard  and  mouse  events


v0.3 release notes:
    Turns off  keyboard backlight when no  keyboard or
    mouse events has been  detected for 20 seconds and
    turns it back on when such event is detected.
    Sets the backlight to an initial amount of 75, but
    accepts an  integer  value as  argument to replace
    the 75 with a value between 0 and 255.

tested on:
    MacBook Pro 5,5 13" (Core2Duo 2.53GHz)