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This is the data for my blog

It is automatically transformed by Jekyll into a static site whenever I push this repository to GitHub.


Install the dependencies. On Linux:

$ sudo apt install ruby ruby-dev ffmpeg
$ sudo gem install bundler
$ bundle install

On macOS:

$ brew install ruby ffmpeg
$ sudo "$(brew --prefix)/opt/ruby/bin/gem" install -n "$(brew --prefix)/bin" bundler:2.1.4
$ "$(brew --prefix)/bin/bundle" install

Running the site locally

# Generate site files
$ make all
# Serve locally on
$ make run

Pushing to staging site

$ git remote add staging
$ git push staging master:gh-pages

Check the staging site at


The website code is MIT Licensed, but the website content is not. The following directories and their contents are copyright Chris Cummins:

  • _posts/
  • images/,
  • img/,
  • pub/
  • u/.

You may not reuse anything therein without my permission.