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A benchmarking timer

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The number of "moving parts" in a modern software stack means that program execution time is non-deterministic. As a result, performance evaluation should take a statistically rigorous approach, using the results of multiple iterations to reduce the impact of outliers.

This is a utility for adding statistical rigour to your program performance evaluations. It repeatedly executes a program for a set amount of time, then reports mean, lower and upper confidence values.

Here's how you get started:

$ srtime ./my_benchmark
95% confidence values from 37 iterations:
103.665 103.699 103.733


  • Millisecond precision timing of programs.
  • User defined amount of time to collect results for (e.g. 60 seconds), or a minimum number of iterations to perform (e.g. 100).
  • Results can be displayed graphically using the -g flag.
  • User defined confidence intervals, output precision, and output format.
  • Can act as a filter for timing critical sections of a program based on its output.
  • Supports flushing the host system caches before every invocation of the target program.

For a list of all of the program features, see srtime --help.


Install python >= 2.6, and the python-setuptools package. Then, from this directory, run:

sudo python setup.py install


Patches welcome!


If you are having issues, please get in touch: chrisc.101@gmail.com.