Alternativa3D Flash GPU accelerated 3D engine
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##Our resouces


##Description We position Alternativa3D as a high-tech engine that supports hardware acceleration for browser application development. Initially, the engine was designed to meet our own needs but we realized that it wouldn't be fair to limit the use of the technology to just one game. That is why we decided to make it an open source engine. Since our top priorities are high performance and resource efficiency, we recommend using it for games with high-resolution graphics.

We will gladly partner with ambitious professionals to develop features that will be used in large projects.

##Projects using Alternativa3D

![Play]( (cover).jpg)
MMO Top-Down Shooter game based on futuristic gladiator fights
![]( 1.png)  ![]( 2.png)  ![]( 3.png)
![]( 4.png)  ![]( 5.jpg) 

![Play]( (cover).jpg)
MMO RPG game - post-apocalyptic survival after a virus has transformed people into zombies.
![]( 1.jpg)  ![]( 2.jpg)  ![]( 3.jpg)
![]( 4.jpg)  ![]( 5.jpg) 

##Videos Play Play Play

##Demos Play Play Play Play

##Product features:

  • Based on Flash Player technology
  • API is analagous to API Flash
  • 3ds Max compatible
  • GPU acceleration (graphic cards newer than 2005)
  • Support of own A3D object model format
  • Resource efficiency control
  • The main texture formats: JPG, PNG, ATF, GIF
  • ATF format support
  • Character and object animation with blending
  • Sprite and sprite animation
  • Materials that work with lighting, reflection and lightmaps
  • Shadows from light sources
  • Support of mouse events
  • Support of the particle system

#For Users

##Repository We offer the community not only use of the engine but involvement in its further development. If you have found a bug you can notify us about it. You can use repositories, create your own branches, experiment and recommend whatever changes you think should be made. All useful changes will be employed in the engine architecture, and your contribution will be made known to the public though facebook and twitter.

Alternativa3D - The current engine version.
Alternativa3DUtils - Add-ins and enhancers. You don't need to know the shader programming to create utilities, so feel free to experiement.
Alternativa3DExamples - Examples of using the engine with various features demonstrated. If we like your examples they will appear in the main repository branch.

##Documentation Online API reference
Download as an archive

##Articles on the use of the product Simple aplication
Compilation of Alternativa3D from source codes
Alternativa 8 for Dummies Part I © redefy
Alternativa 8 for Dummies Part II © redefy
Alternativa 8 for Dummies Part III © redefy
Use ResourceLoader © Davide Jones
Simple Animation Load in 8.5 Example
Parser3DS tutorial
Non-linear animation
SkyBox example
Debug object Wireframe
Manual Skin creation
Dragging a 3d object © Davide Jones
Rendering to bitmap © Davide Jones

##Plugin for Blender Blender Alternativa Addon © Davide Jones
Blender Alternativa Addon - Installing © Davide Jones
Blender Alternativa Addon - Optimizing a3d export © Davide Jones
Blender Alternativa Addon - Using LOD © Davide Jones
Blender Alternativa Addon - Using Sprites © Davide Jones

##Plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max Plugin for 3ds Max 2012
Plugin for 3ds Max 2011
Plugin for 3ds Max 2010

##Literature Environment and Refraction
Custom materials shaders and intersectionRay
Example of material for creating the effect of atmosphere
Orbit controller
Why can i not see the object

##Our helpers Davide Jones
(All those who took part in the development and writing of posts, please contact us)