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Christoc's DotNetNuke Module and Theme Development Template

Project Description

Quick and easy to use Module and Theme (skin) Development templates for DNN 9 and Visual Studio 2022.

If you need support for older versions of Visual Studio check out previous releases on GitHub.

Blog Announcement for the 2.0 release of the templates project For instructions on how to modify the templates read this post

After you build in Release Mode the installable packages (source/install) can be found in the INSTALL folder now, within your module's folder, not the packages folder anymore

Installation instructions

V11.1 - DNN 9 Visual Studio 2022 (2/24/2022)

Correcting support for all editions of Visual Studio 2022

V11.0 - DNN 9 Visual Studio 2022 (1/5/2022)

Support for Visual Studio 2022 Fix to C# Dal2 Mod when editing an item without any users assigned

V10.3 - DNN 9 Visual Studio 2019 (12/7/2021)

Issue # 65 fix for hardcoded in theme template

V10.2 - DNN 9 Visual Studio 2019 (03/01/2021)

Issue # 63 fix(es)
Updated Module DNN requirement to DNN 9.8.0 if you're using anything less, you are doing it wrong. UPGRADE YOUR SITES PEOPLE
Upgraded Target Framework to 4.7.2 for all projects, updated other necessary references as well.

V10.1 DNN 7/8/9 Visual Studio 2019 (6/16/2020)

Updated Visual Studio version number in Template files
Updated Bootstrap in C# Theme project to V3.4.1
Added additional notes to documentation after new project creation.

V10.0 DNN 7/8/9 Visual Studio 2019 (4/9/2019)

Updated to Visual Studio 2019

V9.1 DNN 7/8/9 Visual Studio 2017 (3/11/2018)

Pull Request: Shane Walker, Updates to support multiple namespaces for defaults (SKIN and MODULE), fixes for Project Dialog bugs if closing before completion.

V9.0 DNN 7/8/9 Visual Studio 2017 (2/23/2017)

Upgraded templates for Visual Studio 2017 Support
Upgraded to MSBuildTasks

V8.0 DNN 7/8/9 Visual Studio 2015 (1/1/2017)

MVC Template fixes
Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.7 for Theme template
Fixed White link problem
Upgraded to MSBuildTasks
Tested against DNN 9

V7.1 DNN 7/8 Visual Studio 2015 (3/9/2016)

MVC Fix for better Intellisense management in the CSHTML files.

V7 DNN 7/8 Visual Studio 2015 (2/24/2016)

Added Wizard interface for configuring "owner" and "dev" information for Projects
MVC Template fixes
Upgraded to MSBuildTasks V1.4.0.128
Fixed SPA Settings manifest to QuickSettings
Upgraded Target Framework to 4.5.1 for all projects
Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.6 for Theme template

V6.1 Beta for Visual Studio 2015 (1/16/2016)

Initial Release of the DNN8 MVC Template

V6 Beta for Visual Studio 2015 (1/13/2016)

Initial Release of the DNN8 SPA Template

V5 for Visual Studio 2015 (7/31/2015)

Initial release with Visual Studio 2015 support.

V4.1 - Release Date 4/20/2015

Description: Upgraded Bootstrap to V3.3.4
Fixes for Bootstrap load order causing DNN Dropdown list issues
Fix for DNNRadio button conflict with Bootstrap.

Changes for V4.0 (01/04/2015)

Description: Upgraded to MSBuildTasks V1.4.0.88
Added a new Theme (skin) template
Updates to copyright year

Changes for V3.0 (06/18/2014)

Update to only support VS 2013 (should fix VS 2013 Express issues)
Updated module package targets file to exclude .git folder
Updated MSBuildTasks project to v1.4.0.74

Changes for V2.5 (11/13/2013)

Updated for Visual Studio 2013 support (still supports 2012)

Changes for V2.4 (6/10/2013)

Updated MSBuild Community Tasks reference to

Changes for V2.3 (6/6/2013)

This release fixes a BusinessController namespace issue, and has updated documentation included in the project templates to try to address issues that you might run into.

Changes for V2.2 (4/3/2013)

This release addresses an issue with the release build location, and changes default namespace, company name, and a few other properties. This release also upgrades the reference to MSBuildTasks (

Changes for V2.1 (1/28/2013)

This release addresses an issue with template modification and namespace problems. For instructions on how to modify the templates read this post

Changes for V2.0 (1/24/2013)

Requires DNN 7.0.2+ Uses DNNDEV.ME for the development environment URL instead of DNNDEV (requires no host file changes) Includes two new templates that create a functioning DAL2 module, one for C# and one for VSIX Download from Codeplex should work in VS Web Dev Express and all paid versions of Visual Studio 2012 (the VS Gallery package does not work on Express)

Changes for v1.1

Complete rewrite for Visual Studio 2012 Visual Studio Gallery Support

Changes for 00.00.09

Fixed C# template that was still hard coded in the CSPROJ file to DNNDEV Changes to .DNN file for SOURCE installs to keep the .DNN file in place

Changes for 00.00.08

Fixed a couple of VB issues that didn't have the same code as the C# template Added comments to the .CS/.VB files at the top to explain the files/classes a bit Added documentation link to the Task Manager series for module development

Changes for 00.00.07

This release has updates to the DNN manifest file for DotNetNuke 6 Commented out examples of the Form Pattern in the Settings user control

Changes for 00.00.06

This release includes a License.Txt and ReleasNotes.txt file in the project and manifest files. We also created a property in the VS Project file for CopyrightYear. The three DotNetNuke interfaces in the Components/FeatureController file are commented out instead of being enabled by default. The Manifest File has been updated for DotNetNuke 6, thus 6.0.0 is now a dependency.

This project is maintained by Chris Hammond