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Releases: ChrisHammond/dnnsimplearticle

V00.02.07 Release for DNN9.4+

25 Mar 14:19
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It has been a number of years since we've done an official release of DNNSimpleArticle, we promise it won't be this long to the next release too!

The module has seen continual development over the years, just not official releases. So we're here to change that. Here is the first release of 2020 with Version 00.02.07, a few items of note that this release contains since the last release in 2016.

Added PermaLink for Articles table to control URL for articles.
Added UrlProvider for all article links. Defaults to the Title of an article with only alphanumeric characters.
Added OpenGraph details into article view.
Added template for FlexibleList display type.
Added RSS feed (URL/desktopmodules/dnnsimplearticle/sarss.aspx?moduleid=#&portalId=#)
Added ThumbImg and LargeImg properties to the Article object.

V00.02.02 Release for DNN8

26 Feb 05:12
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This release is a basic upgrade to DNNSimpleArticle to work with DNN 8.

Upgraded the Build process to use the latest build scripts and changed references for DNN8 specific items (TermsSelector deprecation)