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Port of the ZLIB code to allow build on IBM i with RELIC Package Manager. Source is from Open Source domain with some changes to allow install via the package manager
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##Synopsis Open Source implementation of the ZLIB objects (ZIP/UNZIP etc). This is a direct port of the original ZLIB source for AS/400 which has been modified to run on V5R4M0 of the OS. A number of structure changes have been made to allow it to meet the OSSILE requirements.

##Purpose Provides ZIP/UNZIP capabilities for IBM i.


  • See IBM Knowledge Center for details of the API's used.
  • The Change log shows the various changes in the source files 'main/c_zlib/qcsrc/changelog.txt'
  • Minizip has a change log 'main/c_zlib/qcsrc/changelogm.txt'
  • 'main/c_zlib/qcsrc/readme.txt' provides information about building and running the code plus using the code in additional products.
  • 'main/c_zlib/qcsrc/index.txt' provides a list of the files
  • 'main/c_zlib/qcsrc/faq.txt' provides responses to frequently asked questions about ZLIB.


see the list of contributors placed in the relevant files.

Updates and restructuring for OSSILE Provided by Chris Hird. You can contact me via Ryver or Linked in should it be necessary. Website

##Copyright See original copyright notices in 'main/c_zlib/h/zlib.h' Copyright (c) Chris Hird 2016 Made available under the terms of the license of the containing project

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