Unofficial Reason 10 drivers for the Akai MIDIMix
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Codecs/Lua Codecs/Akai

Akai Professional MIDIMix

Codec and Mapping files for Propellerhead Reason

This Remote codec and mapping file was made by The Sighs of Monsters ( for our own use but we are happy to share it with others free of charge. It is not an official release endorsed by either Akai or Propellerhead so you use it ‘as is’ at your own risk.

If you find it useful and would like to show your appreciation, why not buy one of our albums?


Place the files in their respective subdirectories/folders for the Propellerhead Remote.

On a Mac: HD/Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/Remote
On a PC: C:\ProgramData\Propellerhead Software\Remote

Note that the codecs and the map file are in separate folders.

Make sure your MIDIMix controller is using the factory presets or this will not work. If not, reset using the MIDIMix Editor.


We have mapped out the Propellerhead Line Mixer 6:2.


This version of the Codec supports the LED lights on the Akai MIDIMix device. Note there is no physical light behind the ‘solo’ button, so it cannot work.