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The Yo Done Agent.

Run any command by prepending 'yo' to it and receive a yo whenever the command is done.

Here is how you can get it:

  1. Add the following script in ~/bin

  2. Make it executable

     chmod+x ~/bin/yo
  3. Install the yo app on your phone and create an account.

  4. Get/create an API account on (say the created username is EXAMPLE)

  5. Send a yo to the API account yo created: EXAMPLE (to register)

  6. Add your username and the API token to your .bashrc:

     export YO_USER=*** (should be your yo username here)
     export YO_TOKEN=*** (key corresponding to the yo API account)
  7. reload your bashrc:

    source ~/.bashrc

  8. In a new shell session, run any command prepending yo to it:

    yo sleep 10


yo make check 
yo TRACE=UpdateServer make check TESTS=...
ENV_VAR=1 cd /src/example; yo ENV_VAR=2 make