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(* Copyright (C) 2008 Mauricio Fernandez <> http//
* See README.txt and LICENSE for the redistribution and modification terms *)
let do_finally x final f =
let r = try f x with e -> (try final x with _ -> ()); raise e in final x; r
let memoized f =
let t = Hashtbl.create 13 in fun x ->
try Hashtbl.find t x with Not_found -> let y = f x in Hashtbl.add t x y; y
let strneq n s1 o1 s2 o2 =
let rec loop s1 s2 i j k =
if k > 0 then
if String.unsafe_get s1 i = String.unsafe_get s2 j then
loop s1 s2 (i+1) (j+1) (k-1)
else true in
let l1 = String.length s1 and l2 = String.length s2 in
if n < 0 || o1 < 0 || o2 < 0 || o1 + n > l1 || o2 + n > l2 then
invalid_arg "strneq";
loop s1 s2 o1 o2 n
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