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Update docs for multiple machines and known bugs

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@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@
* Store/restore mtime by default, and stop being verbose
+ * Update docs for multiple machines and known bugs
2008-11-29 19:00 Jay Levitt <>
* Log and continue after errors setting utime
89 README.txt
@@ -23,10 +23,18 @@ gibak needs the following software at run-time:
* common un*x userland: bash, basename, pwd, hostname, cut, grep,
egrep, date...
+It needs the following software to compile:
+* ocaml (tested with version 3.10.1 and 3.10.2)
+* omake
+* ocaml-fileutils
+* Findlib
+To install dependencies on Mac:
+* sudo port install git-core rsync caml-findlib omake
+* There is no port for ocaml-fileutils; you'll have to build it from source at
-You'll need OCaml and omake to compile gibak (it has been tested with OCaml
(1) Verify the compilation parameters in OMakefile. The defaults should work
in most cases, but you might need to change a couple variables:
@@ -81,6 +89,83 @@ against disk crashes. You can also clone the repository (probably using a bare
repository --- without working tree --- for smaller space usage) and rsync
.git/git-repositories to remote machines for further protection.
+Multiple machines
+You can clone your home directory on another machine, but it's a little
+tricky: git won't let you clone into an existing directory. Also, git won't
+copy the links in .git/hooks, which we use to update the metadata on each
+checkout. Be sure that your UID and GUID are the same on both machines!
+So, to clone from your desktop to your laptop, do this on the laptop:
+1. Copy over gibak and ometastore to a directory in your path
+/Users/bob$ sudo -s
+/Users/bob# cd /usr/local/bin
+/usr/local/bin# scp desktop:/usr/local/bin/gibak .
+/usr/local/bin# scp desktop:/usr/local/bin/ometastore .
+1. Do the initial clone
+/usr/local/bin# cd ~bob
+/Users/bob# cd ..
+/Users# mkdir bob-temp
+/Users# git clone desktop:.git bob-temp
+/Users# ls bob-temp
+/Users# mv bob-temp/* /Users/bob
+This will fail to move any directories that already exist in your
+home directory. I'm sure there's a nice, safe way around that, so someone
+should update these docs with that magic solution.
+2. Link the hooks and update your metadata:
+/Users# cd bob
+/Users/bob# ln -s .git-hooks/* .git/hooks
+/Users/bob# .git/hooks/post-checkout
+...any errors will be displayed...
+3. Recommit
+/Users/bob# exit
+/Users/bob$ gibak commit
+4. Push back to the desktop
+[THIS needs some serious documentation. "git push" is NOT the way to go;
+you can't push into a repository with an active working copy! That will
+leave desktop in a state where it incorrectly thinks it's out of date.
+I haven't figured this part out yet, but clues are at:
+5. Periodic synchronization
+When you want to sync the laptop, just:
+/Users/bob$ git pull
+/Users/bob$ git that-magic-alternative-to-push-someone-wrote-about-in-step-4
+Known Bugs
+* .gitignore patterns ending in "/" should match directories, but not files, per "man gitignore".
+ We fail to match them at all! Workaround: be sure that none of your directory patterns will
+ accidentally match a file, and then just remove the trailing slashes.
+* ometastore gets confused trying to do chown and utime on symlinks. It spits a harmless error
+ out, but this should be cleaned up.
The gibak script is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it
3 
@@ -72,9 +72,6 @@ module Gitignore : IGNORE =
open Printf
- (* BUG: Patterns ending in "/" should match directories, but not files, per "man gitignore". We fail to
- * match them at all! Leaving bug here for someone who knows OCaml to fix. *)
type glob_type = Accept | Deny
(* Simple: no wildcards, no slash
* Simple_local: leading slash, otherwise no slashes, no wildcards
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