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I would not want someone to think that `tmux kill-server` could be
used to simply "Restart [their] *tmux* server" (i.e. the topic of
the list item) without losing all of their existing sessions,
windows, panes, processes, etc.

Also, kill trailing whitespace introduced in the commit that
introduced `kill-server`.
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commit c3aea83e0ada74756214a65276707ead77b80f0f 1 parent 149acd9
@ChrisJohnsen authored
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@@ -28,7 +28,10 @@ Thus, my wrapper-based workaround:
1. Restart your *tmux* server (or start a new one, or just
reconfigure your existing one).
+ To kill your existing *tmux* server (and everything running
+ “inside” it!):
tmux kill-server
1. Enjoy being able to use *pbpaste*, *pbcopy*, etc. in new shell

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