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Jun 26, 2011

  1. Chris Johnsen protect emphasis before right single quote

    redcarpet in rdiscount mode (RedcarpetCompat) renders
    literally instead of providing emphasis.
    If I write the right single quote as an entity:
    then rdiscount, redcarpet and RedcarpetCompat all render the
    This problem did show up in GitHub’s rendering of
    Thanks to Trevor for pointing out redcarpet and RedcarpetCompat:
        #2 (comment)
  2. Chris Johnsen escape "bare" underscores

    Even though some Markdown interpreters do not give special meaning
    to these particular underscores (because they were inside
    asterisks?), they should be escaped so that some other Markdown
    interpreter (e.g. redcarpet in its "native" mode) will not interpret
    them as emphasis/strong delimiters.
    Tested with rdiscount, redcarpet and RedcarpetCompat.
    This problem did NOT show up when GitHub renders (they use
    RedCarpetCompat?), but it is probably good to fix it anyway since it
    does confuse the default redcarpet.
  3. Chris Johnsen be explicit about kill-server

    I would not want someone to think that `tmux kill-server` could be
    used to simply "Restart [their] *tmux* server" (i.e. the topic of
    the list item) without losing all of their existing sessions,
    windows, panes, processes, etc.
    Also, kill trailing whitespace introduced in the commit that
    introduced `kill-server`.

Jun 25, 2011

  1. Trevor Wennblom

    minor doc styling

    trevor authored
  2. Trevor Wennblom

    minor doc styling

    trevor authored

Apr 01, 2011

  1. Chris Johnsen add Quick Summary


Mar 26, 2011

  1. Chris Johnsen

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