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The wrapper’s “fix up” uses an undocumented, private function that changed its prototype between Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6. The wrapper’s author feels that, due to the “unstable” nature of the function, it may not be reasonable to change “upstream” tmux to use the same method. However, if the maintainer of tmux feels that calling such a function would be okay, then upstream integration should be fine. If “upstream” will not be patched, it should still be reasonable to (re)introduce a patch for MacPorts, Homebrew, et cetera (since the patch and those system are closely related to Mac OS X).

Before anyone can (responsibly) introduce a new patch (either to a packaging system or upstream), we need to know if the approach used in the wrapper is “safe and effective”. The more reports we gather, the more confidence we can have that a similar approach would be safe to adopt as a patch to tmux.

Reports for any version of Mac OS X will be useful.

Check the “wrapper failure” issue list for failure reports.

So that we know how many people have reported, each entry should be made under a real name or a unique pseudonymous identifier of some sort. Please include OS version, wrapper version (i.e. git rev-parse --short HEAD), and tmux version. Reports can also be made by email or GitHub message).

For Mac OS X 10.7 Lion reports, I am also interested in which terminal emulators have been successfully used: the bundled Terminal, iTerm, iTerm2, et cetera.
The first Mac OS X Lion report I saw included kernel panics (see 51bbc9f) and mentioned using both iTerm and Terminal. Several users have subsequently reported successfully using the wrapper with tmux under iTerm (or iTerm2) under Lion, so I would still like to hear from Lion Terminal users.

Successful uses of the wrapper to access per-user bootstrap namespace services:

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