Netbeans support #14

Zae opened this Issue Aug 21, 2011 · 19 comments

It would be great if you could add support for Netbeans.


Yeah, show some love to netbeans <3 :D


+1 for this


+1 vote for this


+1 more vote for Netbeans support =)
btw: great job!


+1 for Netbeans and thanks for making these themes publicly available.




I could do this as well when I have some time.


great :D looking forward to this


As an experiment I tried to create a theme for NetBeans (never did it before) based on the Tomorrow Night Eighties palette.
It's very basic and very far from being perfect. Didn't put much effort on it so far... but if you wanted to give it a try you'll find it at =)












I forked the repo and took my first stab at creating the Netbeans version. Tested on versions 7.0 on Linux (Ubuntu), 7.1.1 and the latest (7.2.1 I think) on Mac. This is only for the PHP version of the editor; meaning there's no special considerations for any other languages besides PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It's not perfect, but they all work. You'll have to package each one up yourself and I provide some instructions on how to do so in the README.


+1 NetBeans!!! Tomorrow Theme - best of the best of the best!!!


I'd love to see Tomorrow Night Eighties on NetBeans 8.x



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