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package hnydiscordgo
import (
//MessageEvent Wrapper type to track context with message body
type MessageEvent struct {
Message *discordgo.Message
Context context.Context
// StartSpanOrTraceFromMessage creates and returns a span for the provided MessageEvent. If
// there is an existing span in the Context, this function will create the new span as a
// child span and return it. If not, it will create a new trace object and return the root
// span.
func StartSpanOrTraceFromMessage(me *MessageEvent, s *discordgo.Session) (context.Context, *trace.Span) {
ctx := me.Context
span := trace.GetSpanFromContext(ctx)
if span == nil {
// there is no trace yet. We should make one! and use the root span.
var tr *trace.Trace
ctx, tr = trace.NewTrace(ctx, "")
span = tr.GetRootSpan()
} else {
// we had a parent! let's make a new child for this handler
ctx, span = span.CreateChild(ctx)
// go get any common HTTP headers and attributes to add to the span
for k, v := range getMessageProps(me) {
span.AddField(k, v)
for k, v := range getSessionProps(s) {
span.AddField(k, v)
return ctx, span
func getMessageProps(me *MessageEvent) map[string]interface{} {
messageProps := make(map[string]interface{})
messageProps["message.ID"] = me.Message.ID
messageProps["message.ChannelID"] = me.Message.ChannelID
messageProps["message.GuildID"] = me.Message.GuildID
messageProps["message.AuthorID"] = me.Message.Author.ID
messageProps["message.AuthorUsername"] = me.Message.Author.Username
messageProps["message.MessageType"] = me.Message.Type
messageProps["message.RawContent"] = me.Message.Content
messageProps["message.MentionEveryone"] = me.Message.MentionEveryone
messageProps["message.MentionRoles"] = me.Message.MentionRoles
channels := []string{""}
for _, mc := range me.Message.MentionChannels {
channels = append(channels, mc.ID)
messageProps["message.MentionChannels"] = channels
mentions := []string{""}
for _, m := range me.Message.Mentions {
mentions = append(mentions, m.ID)
messageProps["message.Mentions"] = mentions
return messageProps
func getSessionProps(s *discordgo.Session) map[string]interface{} {
sessionProps := make(map[string]interface{})
sessionProps["session.ShardID"] = s.ShardID
return sessionProps