iPad theme for Fever based on the original iPhone theme
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iPad Theme for Fever

Version .01 | By Chris Johnson | https://github.com/ChrisLTD/fever_ipad_theme

This iPad theme for Fever takes the iPhone theme, stretches the width for the iPad screen (portrait and landscape), bumps up the article font size, and removes the animations to make it feel snappier.


Special Note

After a Fever update, this theme is overwritten and will need to be reinstalled.


  • Working installation of Fever 1.28+ by Shaun Inman.
  • Willingness to possibly break your Fever installation by installing this theme.


  1. Backup your Fever installation.
  2. Copy the ipad directory into firewall/app/views/ so that you have a firewall/app/views/ipad directory.
  3. Go into your firewall/app/libs/fever.php and replace the view_file() function on approximately line 800 with this:
function view_file($base_file_name)
	$dir	= 'default';
	if ($this->is_mobile)
		$dir = 'mobile';
	// New code
	if ($this->is_ipad)
		$dir = 'ipad';
	// End new code
	$file = FIREWALL_ROOT.'app/views/'.$dir.'/'.$base_file_name.'.php';
	if (!file_exists($file))
		$file = FIREWALL_ROOT.'app/views/default/'.$base_file_name.'.php';
	return $file;

Known Issues

  • After a Fever update, this theme is overwritten and will need to be reinstalled.
  • You may run into file permission issues that will keep you from modifying anything in your firewall folder. Changing the fever.php file views folder so your user owns them should be enough.
  • The icons aren’t retina.
  • This theme won’t work on tablets besides the iPad and iPad mini.