JQuery plugin to do simple single category filtering on a set of elements
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Yo Simple Filter

By Chris Johnson | https://github.com/ChrisLTD/yo_simple_filter

Yo Simple Filter does simple single category filtering on a set of elements.

Animated Example

Just activate the plugin on a properly formatted wrapper element, make sure you have a proper set of filters and you're good to go. Alternatively, you can pass alternate selectors as settings to match your custom HTML structure.

Usage Examples

Simple example

<button class="filter" data-filter="">All</button>
<button class="filter" data-filter=".f-fruit">Fruit</button>
<button class="filter" data-filter=".f-vegetable">Vegetables</button>

<div id="items">
	<div class="filter_item f-vegetable">Celery</div>
	<div class="filter_item f-fruit">Apple</div>
	<div class="filter_item f-fruit f-vegetable">Tomato</div>

<!-- Include JQuery Core above this line -->
<script src="jquery.yosimplefilter.js"></script>


'childObject'  : '.filter_item',	// Targets to be filtered
'filterObject' : '.filter',			// Elements that do the filtering
'animate' : true,					// Should the filtering be animated
'animationSpeed' : 200,				// Animation speed in milliseconds
'initCallback' : function() {},		// Called if plugin initialized on an object
'filterCallback' : function() {}	// Called after a filter is ru