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Shader is a class designed to allow us to load and use a GLSL shader program in
our OpenGL application. It allows us to provide filenames for the vertex and
fragment shaders, and then creates the shader. It also lets us bind and
unbind the GLSL shader program as required.
class Shader {
Shader(); // Default constructor
Shader(const char *vsFile, const char *fsFile); // Constructor for creating a shader from two shader filenames
~Shader(); // Deconstructor for cleaning up
void init(const char *vsFile, const char *fsFile); // Initialize our shader file if we have to
void bind(); // Bind our GLSL shader program
void unbind(); // Unbind our GLSL shader program
unsigned int id(); // Get the identifier for our program
unsigned int shader_id; // The shader program identifier
unsigned int shader_vp; // The vertex shader identifier
unsigned int shader_fp; // The fragment shader identifier
bool inited; // Whether or not we have initialized the shader