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collectd.conf(5): Update the information on the md plugin.

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1 parent 00e8936 commit f1109e67e3e89e86e8ea681d6aedbf8b6e62767e @octo octo committed Feb 28, 2012
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15 src/collectd.conf.pod
@@ -1827,9 +1827,8 @@ TCP-Port to connect to. Defaults to B<411>.
The C<md plugin> collects information from Linux Software-RAID devices (md).
All reported values are of the type C<md_disks>. Reported type instances are
-"number" (number of component devices), "raid" (number of devices in the
-array), "active", "working", "failed" (number of failed disks) and "spare"
-(number of spare disks).
+I<active>, I<failed> (present but not operational), I<spare> (hot stand-by) and
+I<missing> (physically absent) disks.
=over 4
@@ -1839,12 +1838,12 @@ Select md devices based on device name. The I<device name> is the basename of
the device, i.e. the name of the block device without the leading C</dev/>.
See B<IgnoreSelected> for more details.
-=item B<IgnoreSelected> I<true>|I<false>
+=item B<IgnoreSelected> B<true>|B<false>
-Invert device selection: If set to true, all md devices B<except> those listed
-using B<Device> are collected. If false (the default), only those listed are
-collected. If no configuration is given, the B<md> plugin will collect data
-from all md devices.
+Invert device selection: If set to B<true>, all md devices B<except> those
+listed using B<Device> are collected. If B<false> (the default), only those
+listed are collected. If no configuration is given, the B<md> plugin will
+collect data from all md devices.

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