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open FSharpKoans
open FSharpKoans.Core
let (containers: obj list) = [ ``about asserts``();
``about let``();
``about functions``();
``about the order of evaluation``();
``about unit``();
``about tuples``();
``about strings``();
``about branching``();
``about lists``();
``about pipelining``();
``about arrays``();
``about dot net collections``();
``about looping``();
``more about functions``();
``about the stock example``();
``about record types``();
``about option types``();
``about discriminated unions``();
``about modules``();
``about opened modules``();
``about classes``();
let runner = KoanRunner(containers)
let result = runner.ExecuteKoans
match result with
| Success message -> printf "%s" message
| Failure (message, ex) ->
printf "%s" message
printfn ""
printfn ""
printfn ""
printfn ""
printfn "You have not yet reached enlightenment ..."
printfn "%s" ex.Message
printfn ""
printfn "Please meditate on the following code:"
printfn "%s" ex.StackTrace
printfn ""
printfn ""
printfn ""
printfn ""
printf "Press any key to continue..."
System.Console.ReadKey() |> ignore
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