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GITWeaver – GIT for Dreamweaver

Part of TurtleWeaver

DOWNLOAD from the repo.
For CC/CS6 you will need to use the ZXP,
all other versions will be able to use MXI


GITWeaver is a Dreamweaver Extension that hooks DreamWeaver into TortoiseGIT.


Download and install TortoiseGIT from
Download the extension from the Download page
.mxp/.zxp extension package file that you downloaded. The Adobe extension manager will handle the installation.
When you run Dreamweaver now, you will see a new menu in the menu bar, called GIT (this is the PAGE menu) and under right click in the site explorer on any site that is a working path :o)

If you right click in Dreamweavers file explorer and the menu is greyed out its probably because the root of the site doesnt contain a .git/git/.GIT/GIT folder.

SVNWeaver, TortoiseSVN in Dreamweaver; go try it out.

Updating This Extension ~ Checking for updates

In the site explorer right click a folder, GIT- (bottom of the dropdown) Check for Updates
This will check for a newer version of this extension and after that bring up the TGIT About page so you can check if thats up-to-date.

The MXP version will stay out of date as I no longer have the extension manager version required to create the files. ZXP has been a usable format for ~5 years now.
You can always build the mxp in your older version using the extensions manager.


If anyone’s interested in localising GITWeaver. Drop me an email pcdevils[at] Thanks

Using GITWeaver

It’s exactly the same as using TortoiseGIT but from inside Dreamweaver, seriously.

Developing in this hellish Macromedia API (dont be fooled; adobe have offered bugger all in improvements to the original)

Clearing out the extension

Unfortunately; developing for DW is a sucky experience. More often than not you will remove an extension, install again and find the bloody thing is the old version.

The easiest way to clear the stored settings of dreamweaver (as with when something goes wrong with the install in normal use) is to delete the contents of appdata\Adobe\Dreamweaver VERSION\en_US\Configuration

See API.appendix for more.

Code Copyright Chris McKee 2009-2014


GITWeaver integrates Adobe Dreamweaver with TortoiseGIT; Basically Dreamweaver + GIT living together. Nice and Free, what more could you really want!






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