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Socialyzer allows employers to screen twitter accounts for potentially inappropriate content so employers can ensure that the person they are hiring is fit for the job. Our demo version checks twitter profiles for images and content about cats. Hackathon project for HackKU 2019.
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HackKU2019 Socialyzer


First, we chose not to use the built-in explicit check that comes with Google Cloud Vision in order to use our own keywords. Next, we decide the presence of a bad term in a section was more important than a repetition of it so we do not check for it, instead we only check for the presence.


Socialyzer - while a breathalyzer is used to check if it is safe for somebody to drive by their breath, Socialyzer checks if it is safe for somebody to be employed based off of their social media content. The purpose of the project is to allow workplaces to more easily analyze a potential employee's social media accounts for things that would deem them unfit for the job. This is important for society as a whole because would you want a teacher you can't trust to be responsible with your children?

We Used

  • Google Cloud Vision
  • Google Translate for tweets in other languages
  • Google App Engine for hosting
  • for our domain Socialyzer
  • ASP Net Core
  • TweetInvi the Twitter API wrapper for C#


Opening site

After picking a user

Picking an invalid user

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