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"mcurses" is a minimized version of programming library ncurses which gives GUI like interfaces on text terminal.

The library mcurses was originally written by Frank M. for a set of microcontrollers.

This version runs directly on Arduinos. In fact you could use this software on any microcontroller. The serial driver interfaces are replace by call-back-function so you can hook any In-Output to the library. This looks as follows:

setFunction_putchar(Arduino_putchar); // tell the library which output channel shall be used
setFunction_getchar(Arduino_getchar); // tell the library which input channel shall be used  

Please take a look into the examples to see how it is to be done exactly.

What do you need to use this Library?

You need to install a terminal programm on your computer to interace to the serial line of the microcontroller. The Arduino IDE has a build in serial terminal but for this libray the terminal has to emulate the VT220 standard. The Arduino termianl does not to this and therfore you need a separate termainl program.

On Windows you can uses for example

  • PuTTY
  • teraterm

There may be several others but his two I have tested.


Temperature Demo

The "temperature_demo" displayes bar graphs of a simulated disk storage.

Hex Editor Demo

Here is the "hexeditor_demo".

In this picture it is running on an ARDUINO UNO but you can easily include it on any microcontroller as follows:

#include "hexedit.h"

static uint16_t    memmoryStartAddress = 0x100;    // ATMEGA RAM start

hexedit (memmoryStartAddress);

For detailed information see the "hexeditor_demo".