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type Group = {
    Id: string option
    Body: Body
    Transforms: seq<Transform>
and GroupElement =
    | Group of Group
    | Element of Element
and Body =


Group is used to create a SVG group.


Function Signature Description
Group.ofList List -> Group convert a list of elements into a group SVG block
Group.ofArray Array -> Group convert an array of elements into a group SVG block
Group.withBody Body -> Group -> Group convert a list of elements into a group SVG block
Group.withTransform Transform -> Group -> Group associate a Transform to the group
Group.withTransforms seq<Transform> -> Group -> Group associate a sequence of transforms to the group
Group.addTransform Transform -> Group -> Group add a Transform to the group
Group.withId string -> Group -> Group associate an Id to the group
Group.addElement Element -> Group -> Group add an Element to the group
Group.addElements seq<Element> -> Group -> Group add a sequence of elements to the group
Group.asCartesian float -> float -> Group -> Group flips the axis of the group to be Cartesian for plotting
Group.toString Group -> string convert a group to a string




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