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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE transcription SYSTEM "">
<transcription xmlns:xsi=""
<page filename="Hamlet.002r.tif" pagination="3" signature="I.1" reader="John Ward"/> <!-- Signature = act + scene -->
<!-- Marginalia --> <!-- Positions available: head, intext, tail, left_margin, right_margin -->
<language ident="EN">
<position place="right_margin" book_orientation="0">
<person name="Ghost"/>
<marginalia anchor_text="">
<language ident="EN">
<position place="right_margin" book_orientation="0">
one to Cron <!-- Unsure -->
<language ident="EN">
<position place="right_margin" book_orientation="0">
<person name="King"/>
<person name="Queen"/>
<person name="Hamlet"/>
<person name="Polonius"/>
<person name="Laertes"/>
<person name="Attendant"/>
<!-- Substitutions -->
<substitution method="pen" type="replacement" copyText="I could not believe this," amendedText="I could not this believe,"/>
<substitution method="pen" type="deletion" copyText="'' So frown'd he once, when in angry Parle | '' He smote the sleaded Pollax on the ice | 'Tis strange." amendedText=""/>
<substitution method="pen" type="deletion" copyText="Mar. Pray sit down and tell me he that knows," amendedText="Mar. Pray tell me he that knows,"/>
<substitution method="pen" type="deletion" copyText="
'' And with such daily cost of brasen Cannon, |
'' And foreign Mart for implements of war? |
'' Why such impress of ship-wrights, whose sore task |
'' Does not divide the Sunday from the week? |
'' What might be toward, that this sweaty haste" amendedText=""/>
<substitution method="pen" type="replacement" copyText="Makes the night joynt labour with the day?" amendedText="Making the night joynt labourer with the day?"/>
<substitution method="pen" type="deletion" copyText="'' At least the whisper goes so:" amendedText=""/>
<substitution method="pen" type="insertion" copyText="Our last King," amendedText="-- Our last King,"/>
<substitution method="pen" type="deletion" copyText="'' Thereto prickt on by a most emulate pride" amendedText=""/>
<substitution method="pen" type="deletion" copyText="'' For (so this side of our known world esteem'd him)" amendedText=""/>
<substitution method="pen" type="deletion" copyText="
'' Against the which a moity competent |
'' Was gaged by our King, which had returned |
'' To the inheritance of Fortinbas, |
'' Had he been vanquisher: as by the same compact, |
'' And carriage of the Articles design, |
'' His fell to Hamlet:" amendedText=""/>
<substitution method="pen" type="deletion" copyText="'' Of unimproved metal, hot, and full," amendedText=""/>
<!-- Symbols and marks --> <!-- Positions available: head, intext, tail, left_margin, right_margin -->
<symbol name="Hatching" place="right_margin"/>
<mark name="X_sign" method="pen" place="right_margin" text="For which they say you spirits oft walk in death,"/>