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Releases: ChrisVeigl/BrainBay


13 Aug 13:14
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  • updated Brainflow integration: support for new devices including several Muse models, BrainActive, ...
  • improved readability of element captions
  • added pdf version of documentation


17 Nov 23:30
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  • added Brainflow support - now many new biosignal amplifiers can be used (including Muse, Callibri, Ant Neuro, g.tec Unicorn, Enophone, ...)
  • updated source code and project files for VC2019 compatibility
  • updated Neurobit runtime files and libraries

BrainBay v2.5

03 Sep 16:13
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  • Improved Threshold element and handling of logical conditions
  • Improved documentation
  • Improved interface and handling for Neurobit devices

BrainBay v2.4

16 May 22:35
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  • New elements Shadow and Volume allow control of volume and desktop transparency
  • New element OSC-Sender for transfer of live values to other applications via Open Sound Control / UDP
  • Logical elements And, Or and Not got extended modes, increasing flexibility
  • Threshold element improved, increasing flexibility
  • user manual updated!

BrainBay v2.3.1

08 Apr 20:19
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corrected bug in OpenBCI hub parser
updated support for new OpenBCI hub / Ganglion devices with BLED112 bluetooth dongle

Brainbay v2.2

21 Oct 15:47
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added support for new Neurobit devices (Optima +)
support for openBCI hub working

Brainbay v2.1

23 Sep 20:04
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Brainbay v2.1 Pre-release

Added support for new OpenBCIHub

Brainbay v2.0

10 Aug 16:02
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  • Support for OpenBCI Ganglion
  • Support for Neurosky devices
  • Cursorkey integration for Oscilloscope and Threshold Windows
  • KeyCapture element allows logging of key events
  • Oscilloscope can save snapshots for training reports
  • SessionManager and Sessiontime elements for menu-based selection of designs
  • Keystrike element for key logging and interaction


02 Dec 04:08
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  • added some sanity checks to Filter parameters to prevent crashes
  • fixed design view display of 1 channel RAW EEG sources


15 Nov 02:57
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  • MCI Media Player: now rewinds / restarts at end-of-media.
  • New installer .nsi with Uninstall warning message.
  • Roll the Spectrogram window rather than completely clearing it.
  • Oscilloscope mod for huge (24-bit) output range EEG devices.
  • New OpenBCI packet format, both 8 and 16 channels.
  • added opi test configurations
  • modified COMREADER to allow also writes to COM port
  • second NIA device updates
  • added OPI TrueSense Exploration support
  • added option to append archive starttime to time display
  • Neurobit fixes, dll version