A simple giphy bot for twitter, basically
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#Twitter Magic Gifs Bot

Just a simple Tweepy based bot that replies to people it follows with relevant gifs from Giphy

"Inspired" by boredom and the old @MagicPixx bot

Make sure to install Tweepy, TextBlob, Wordfilter and my updated version of Giphypop before running! You also need to set up textblob before this can run

pip install tweepy textblob wordfilter requests git+git://github.com/ChrisW-B/giphypop 
python -m textblob.download_corpora

After that, its as simple as setting up a config.py file like so, where badwords are words the bot will not search for

consumer_key = "XXXXXXXX"
consumer_secret = "XXXXXXXX"
access_token = "XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX"
access_token_secret = "XXXXXXXX"
badwords = [

and then running python magicgif.py

Things I might try to add

  • Improving NLP to search for key phrases instead of just nouns/verbs