API for the socially-driven online labor marketplace.
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People API

People is an API for requesting human interaction.

>>> from people import Query, Response
>>> Query.create(
    'How many cars are in this image? http://...',
>>> query = Query.get()
>>> query.text
'Is this person smiling? Respond [yes] or [no]. http://...'
>>> Response.create('yes', query)

Official documentation located here.


pip install people


>>> people.User.create('example@email.com', 'example_username', 'example_password')

>>> people.username = 'example_username'
>>> people.password = 'example_password'


Transactions are entirely handled using Stripe, ensuring your security.

First, login and register for a Stripe account connected to our platform. You should see your Stripe account id update within your profile.

If you intend to submit queries, you must deposit funds. Login and visit https://people-api-server.herokuapp.com/deposit/?amount=AMOUNT, replacing AMOUNT with the amount you intend to deposit in cents. You should see your balance afterwards within your profile.

If you intend to answer queries, to redeem your balance, create a Transfer instance as so.

>>> transfer = people.Transfer.create(AMOUNT)