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Better CSS Syntax for Vim

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Better CSS Syntax for Vim

Highlights for full CSS2, most of HTML5 & CSS3 properties (include prefix like -moz-).


Molokai sheme:


Slate scheme:


Known issue:

  • May not collaborate with some plugins, e.g. CSS Color, Sass
  • Some properties can't highlighted well with prefix
  • CSS3 animation properties highlighting

Because of this plugin is built for standard CSS and not compatible with original css.vim (see this), if you run into any error that related to CSS, you may need this:


How to get rid of the error:

  • edit sass.vim, go to line 16, delete cssValue.*,
  • edit your .vimrc, add au BufRead,BufNewFile *.sass set filetype=css

Or, try css3 syntax or vim-css3-syntax.

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