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Update README: about how to get rid of errors with other CSS plugins.

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Highlights for full CSS2, most of HTML5 & CSS3 properties (include prefix like -moz-).
-__Known issue:__
-- May not collaborate with some plugins
+Molokai sheme:
+Slate scheme:
+## Known issue:
+- May not collaborate with some plugins, e.g. CSS Color, Sass
- Some properties can't highlighted well with prefix
-- CSS3 animation properties highlighting
+- CSS3 animation properties highlighting
+Because of this plugin is built for standard CSS and not compatible with original css.vim (see [this](, if you run into any error that related to CSS, you may need this:
+How to get rid of the error:
+- edit `sass.vim`, go to line 16, delete `cssValue.*,`
+- edit your `.vimrc`, add `au BufRead,BufNewFile *.sass set filetype=css`
+Or, try [css3 syntax]( or [vim-css3-syntax](
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