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+#Web Typography for the Lonely
+If Morrissey were a web designer.
+Web typography for the Lonely is a working collection of experiments in contemporary web design focusing on bleeding-edge standards implementations such as SVG, Html5 Canvas and Css3. It is mostly Javascript based and represents my journey into the depths of browser based interactivity. It is a working project and a learning process, therefore none of this code is claimed to be bulletproof or even BB proof for that matter, but is instead meant to inspire and teach.
+Current goals for this project involve moving experiments out of libraries such as jquery and raphael.js and focusing purely on supported standards and javascript backed by more progressive-style support libraries like SVGweb and Excanvas. I am a busy dude but I love this project so expect it to continue growing and changing.
+For more information make sure to:
+- Check out [the official site.](
+- [Follow the project and other related stuff on Twitter](
+- Listen to [The Get Up Kids]( and cry about how nobody understands you.

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