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Structurizr for TypeScript

This GitHub repository is a port of Structurizr for .NET to TypeScript, in order to help you visualise, document and explore the software architecture of a software system. In summary, it allows you to create a software architecture model based upon Simon Brown's C4 model.

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How to use

  • Set up a new project similar to this sample

    npm init
    npm install -D @types/node
    npm install -D typescript
    npm install -S structurizr-typescript

  • Start coding your architecture model similar to the sample index.ts
    • For more detailed documentation on how to use Structurizr, please refer to Structurizr for .NET - the usage is pretty much the same
    • In the current version of this package, not all of Structurizrs features are already implemented. See Limitations section below


The current version of this package supports:

  • Person, SoftwareSystem, Container, Component & CodeElement entities
  • Relationships between those entities
  • System Context, Container & Component diagrams
  • Deployment diagrams with DeploymentNode, ContainerInstance and HttpHealthCheck entities
  • Filtered Views
  • Custom Element & Relationship styles, usage & export of themes
  • Documentation Sections & Decisions (kudos go to Joe Ruello)
  • Diagram Autolayouting (kudos go to Joe Ruello)
  • Diagram paper size settings
  • Custom Branding & Terminology

This specifically excludes:

  • Encrypted workspaces
  • Dynamic diagrams
  • Enterprise context diagrams

Also, as of now the package has just a few automated tests - use at own risk :-). Let me know if you encounter any issues, I am happy to provide a fix.


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