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Faucet features:

  • Supports standard Bitcoin JSON RPC API commands
  • Minimum and maximum payouts
  • Payment system for staged, timed or direct payouts
  • Recaptcha integrated ( IMPORTANT: Please note that Recaptcha2 can be set within the config file.
  • Proxies filter option
  • Promocodes for extra payouts
  • Useable with encrypted wallets
  • Easy editable template system


  1. Download or clone this repository
  2. Upload the files to your ftp folder
  3. Create a database and import faucet.sql
  4. Open the config.php and edit all the settings within to suit your needs
  5. Create cronjob(s):

If you set "stage_payments" => true and "staged_payment_cron_only" => true (you did that on step 4), you will need to create a cronjob for /cron/run.php and /lib/proxy_filter/cron/tor.php

If you set "stage_payments" => true and "staged_payment_cron_only" => false you just have to create a cronjob for /lib/proxy_filter/cron/tor.php

IMPORTANT: The tor proxy list gets downloaded from - He only allows to download once a hour! Please note that you will be banned from the service if you exceed this quota! Create a .htaccess and .htpasswd for the cronjob folder and /lib/proxy_filter/cron/ to secure them.

How to add promo codes:

Go to your database and find the "sf_promo_codes table". Add a new line and set your code, minimum_payout, maximum_payout and uses.

  • uses = 0 // Promo code disabled
  • uses = -1 // No limit on using this code
  • uses = 50 // The code counts down until 0 and works e.g. 50 times