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3DPCB Rev B DRV8825 BOM.csv
3DPCB Rev B DRV8825-cache.lib
3DPCB Rev B DRV8825-rescue.lib
3DPCB Rev B DRV8825.bak
3DPCB Rev B DRV8825.cmp
3DPCB Rev B DRV8825.kicad_pcb
3DPCB Rev B DRV8825.kicad_pcb-bak
3DPCB Rev B DRV8825.net
3DPCB Rev B DRV8825.pro
3DPCB Rev B DRV8825.sch



3DPCB DRV8825 files - KiCAD

This git contains the files necessary to make 3DPCB.

It's designed in KiCAD mostly using library I created.

I had an early version, which couldn't run the motors, as the DRV8825 was not receiving 3.3V. It has been fixed in the PCB, but it hasn't been tested through production.

The board is 2 layer, so cheap prototype PCB service sites can produce them. Size is 100x60mm, so around $20 for 10 pcs is possible.