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  • Single and group chats
  • Send images and files
  • Offline chat history
  • Push Notifications
  • Account settings
  • Display user avatars
  • Themes, chat wallpapers and dark mode
  • Device management
  • Edit chat settings and permissions
  • Kick, ban and unban users
  • Display and edit chat topics
  • Change chat&user avatars
  • Archived chats
  • Display contacts and find contacts with their phone number or email address
  • Discover public chats on the user's homeserver
  • Registration (currently only working with and NOT with due captchas)
Planned features
  • End2End-encryption
  • Sharing files
  • VOIP
  • Android support


I do not receive push notifications :-(

  • Have you tried to logout and login?
  • Do you have an Ubuntu One account in the system settings?
  • When you go into fluffychat -> Settings -> Notifications -> Targets: Is there a device "UbuntuPhone"?
  • Do you have the latest version of fluffychat installed from the OpenStore?
  • Have you tried to turn airplaine mode on and off again? Sometimes notifications are sent with a delay from the UBports push service (will be fixed soon) If you still have the problem, then please contact me at the room:

I can not connect to my homeserver with port 8448

Sorry! 😕 On port 8448 the most homeservers use a different ssl certificate, which causes an error. Currently the xmlhttprequest in QML does not allow those certificates.

Which /commands are available?

  • /me (Will send msgtype: m.emote) Displays an action.

  • /whisper (Will send msgtype: m.fluffychat.whisper) The message text will be very small

  • /roar (Will send msgtype: m.fluffychat.roar) The message text will be very large, bold and in capital letters

  • /shrug Puts ¯\(ツ)/¯ at the start of the message

Which uri will open fluffychat?

  • fluffychat:// will launch the user profile

  • fluffychat:// will join the room with the given alias

  • fluffychat://! will open the room with the given ID

I can not connect to my homeserver (self signed certificate)

The same problem ... I recommend you to use a letsencrypt certificate.

How to build

  1. Install clickable as described here:

  2. Clone this repo:

git clone
cd fluffychat
  1. Build with clickable
clickable click-build

Special thanks to

Regionetz is an ISP company from southern Germany and hosts the official server "" as well as the website of fluffychat. Special thanks to the owner Norbert Herter.

  • Fabiyamada is a graphics designer from Brasil and has made the fluffychat logo and the banner. Big thanks for her great designs.

  • Advocatux has made the Spanish translation with great love and care. He always stands by my side and supports my work with great commitment.

  • Thanks to Mark for all his support and the chat background.

  • Also thanks to all translators and testers! With your help, fluffychat is now available in 5 languages.