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  • New public chat discover page
  • Better UX when starting a new chat
  • Chats with unread messages are marked (event when notifications off)
  • Scroll top to the last read message by default
  • A lot of bug fixes and stability improvements


  • Little bug fixes
  • Registration is now fixed


  • Implemented lazy loading members
  • Design improvements
  • A lot of tiny bug fixes


New features:
  • Communities: Implemented a community viewer
  • Presences: See which user is currently active, online status and last active ago. Please notice that presences at are currently disabled
  • Redesigned and simplified new chat page
  • Support for markdown links and line breaks
  • All usernames, room ids, room addresses and community ids are now clickable
  • Push Notifications are now grouped by chats
Bugs fixed:
  • Invitations now much more stable
  • Links in room description now clickable

And much more little improvements in performance, usability and stability.


  • Improved dark mode colors in chats
  • Header in chat list is now "flickable"
Fixed bugs:
  • More bug fixes with message styles
  • Downloadmanager fixed


  • Updates translations from weblate
  • Design changes for state events
  • Hide chatroom avatar when there is no
  • Change the app name from "Fluffychat" or "fluffychat" to: "FluffyChat"
Fixed bugs:
  • Typing notification was not set to false after sending a message
  • Renamed "You are not allowed to send messages" to "You can not send messages" (sounds nicer ❤)
  • Chatlist crashed randomly
  • Sending of whitespaces only was allowed
  • Fixed wrong message bubble height
  • Some thumbnails were not visible
  • Downloadbuttons became disabled after one click


New features
  • First stable release
  • Implemented URI's: fluffychat:// fluffychat://! and fluffychat://
  • Now using the official ubports push gateway
  • Repeat to messages
  • Forward messages
  • Content-hub integration: Share texts and links with fluffychat and export everything from fluffychat
  • Redesigned settings
  • New more minimalistic chat design
  • Offline cache for user avatars
  • STICKERS!!!111 Included the great stickerpack of mithgarthsormr (Malin Errenst)
  • Add all images you find as stickers
  • Animated stickers! Fluffy stickers! Cute stickers!
  • More stickers! :-)
  • Added animation to the chat list and chat messages
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
  • Improved registration (No recaptcha-support yet so no registration on possible. Just visit: for this)
  • Better support for matrix privacy policy


New features
  • User profiles
  • Design improvements
  • Audioplayer in chat
  • Videoplayer in chat
  • Imageviewer
  • Edit chat aliases
  • Edit chat settings and permissions
  • Kick, ban and unban users
  • Edit user permissions
  • New invite page
  • Display and edit chat topics
  • Change chat avatar
  • Change user avatar
  • Edit phone numbers
  • Edit email addresses
  • Display and edit archived chats
  • New add-chat and add-contact pages
  • Display contacts and find contacts with their phone number or email address
  • Discover public chats on the user's homeserver
  • Registration (currently only working with and NOT with due captchas)
  • Register and login with phone number
  • Edit identity-server
  • Add in-app viewer for the privacy policy
  • Sometimes messages were sent multiple times
  • Much better performance in the chat
  • Change password fixed
  • A lot of minor fixes


  • Rebase vivid and xenial to the same version again and some minor bugfixes
  • FluffyChat now automatically opens the link to the consens
  • Updated translations

0.5.2 (only vivid):

There seems to be a critical bug, when updating on vivid. If you have a "critical error" message in the app, please uninstall the app, clean the cache with the UT tweak tool and reinstall the newest version from the OpenStore!


New features
  • Search chats
  • Chat avatars
  • Search users in chats
  • Security & Privacy settings:
    • Disable typing notifications
    • Auto-accept invitations
  • New message status:
    • Sending: Activity indicator
    • Sent: Little cloud
    • Received: Tick
    • Seen by someone: Usericon
  • Display stickers
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Autoreset pusher, when app has a new push token
  • Show toast every time at start, if user has no Ubuntu One account
  • Bug that displays a wrong name in app drawer
  • Fixed a bug where a invite chat is displayed multiple times in chat list


  • FluffyChat now supports convergence
  • Colors on avatar names
  • Animation while uploading
  • Minor bug fixes


IMPORTANT: If you are using a matrixID with capital letters, then please logout and login again, to fix the problem with the error toasts in the chat! More bug fixes:

  • New contact button is working again
  • Design issues in dark mode modals


New Features:

  • Send images and files (Pre-alpha, please report bugs! You can NOT send big images/files but at the moment you will not be notified, when your file is too big - Work in progress)
  • New icon and splash image
  • Device settings
  • Push-target infos in the settings
  • Endless scrolling in chat history

Also a lot of bug and typo fixes and better performance. Have fun sending a lot of selfies with your Ubuntu Phone ;-)


  • A LOT of little bug fixes
  • Push Notifications should now work more stable
  • Added new options in settings: Change password, disable account
  • Added new options in notification settings
  • Added new theming options: Choose color and dark mode
  • Design improvements
  • Stability and performance improvements


  • A lot of little bug fixes
  • Download files with correct filename
  • Change the notification behaviour of each chat
  • Little GUI improvements
  • You can now scroll through ALL members of a chat and start directly a single chat


  • New background in chat
  • Correct timestamp localizing
  • User avatars
  • Show thumbnails
  • Download sent files
  • Clear persistent notifications, when in chat
  • Better performance, when receiving messages
  • A lot of bug fixes


  • A lot of bug fixes
  • Much better performance, when using very big rooms


  • Push Notifications are now in beta (Opt-in)
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • New features:
  • Invite contact
  • Start single chat
  • Change user name
  • Change chat name


  • Bug fixes
  • Better performance and database management
  • Improved stability


  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Manage unread messages
  • Better performance at scrolling in history